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How To Recruit A Top Talent By Improving Your Company Culture

Every company, corporation and small business crave for development. Because of this, there is a great struggle for the best, promising and experienced workers. It is challenging to become interesting for the applicant among such rivalry.

In fact, it is essential not only to attract the candidate with loud promises and a bright prospect but also to keep him in your business.

What is more, 84% of candidates would consider leaving their current company if another company with an excellent reputation offered them a job.

How To Recruit A Top Talent By Improving Your Company Culture - Alvinology


From this, we can conclude that you need not only to seem the best, but also to be the best. You need to pay attention to the atmosphere in your team, comfort, relationships, work system and schedule. You should not ignore the little things and details.

In this article, I will reveal a couple of secrets about how to attract and retain experienced employees and how to generally improve the atmosphere in the team.

Create a perspective for development and career growth

For most candidates, salary or rank is not so important as the prospect of development and, in the future, climbing the career ladder. The more such opportunities your company gives, the more it will be interesting and in demand.

For example, to nurture an employee, you can send him to various courses – they can be online or in-person, this is at the discretion of the person and company. Of course, the employer must pay them. The choice of courses is vast now.

Moreover, if the employee is making progress, it should be encouraged. So you can make weekly/monthly lotteries for the best employees – present some little things (office, movie tickets, a small sum of money). Such a scheme will not only satisfy employees but also give them the motivation to perform their tasks better.

Also, it is not necessary to detain a person in a low position if he has already grown up and is ready to perform more complex tasks for a greater reward. Otherwise, your talented employee will find a place where will be more appreciated.

Build the right relationship in your team

The success of the company and the attraction of new talented people depends not only on the efforts of the manager but the relations and mutual understanding among the team of professionals.

Successful business management and development is first and foremost a collective work that has positive results. It is difficult to attract and retain an experienced worker if you have a misunderstanding in an existing team.

Teambuilding is a good option for establishing friendly relations. This strategy is about communication between employees in a non-working environment. For example, joint visits to the cinema, theatre, quizzes, sports games, quest rooms and much more. Of course, such an event should be held at the expense of working time, so that everyone takes part in it.

To better understand a person, you need to know a lot about him. But not everyone is ready to open up and share personal information. In this case, you can study the profiles of your employees in social networks, where they tell about themselves in more detail.

You can also use reverse phone lookup and similar services to explore an email address, location, social media profiles, and even criminal records by the phone number of the owner. This will help not only to find common ground but also to discover negative moments about which you did not know.

Design, equipment and personal space

Productivity directly depends on the working atmosphere and amenities in the office. To attract promising personnel, you need to take care of their comfort.


You can not ignore the design of the office. It is important that every detail of the interior inspires, but not strain or distract. In offices, it is better to use a minimalist style with pastel shades. If you are not well versed in interior design, then consult the designers’ advice on the office styling.

Personal space

First and foremost, you need to make sure that every employee has a place of his own. Personal space is a crucial factor for working in the office.

Survey your team, perhaps someone is uncomfortable to work, or there is something that continually prevents someone from concentrating. Eliminate all problems.


Update all kinds of gadgets that are already outdated and buggy. Perhaps it is worth buying new models of computers and laptops for great opportunities. Always wonder what device your staff lacks, maybe there is something that can significantly simplify the work.

If financial opportunities do not allow you to purchase new equipment right now, then it is worthwhile to call the master and repair the old one, install the latest updates on it and so on.

Work schedule and system

Perhaps this is the most critical part of the workflow. You should definitely pay attention to it.

Young people between the ages of 20 and 30 prefer not to work full-time, because they need time for personal life, hobbies and studies. On this basis, you can consider the option of remote work for young employees, give them more freedom and do not lock them in the walls of the office. Of course, if it’s possible.

Moreover, it is worthwhile to think about a flexible schedule for employees working in the office. Give them the opportunity to coordinate their work independently but under your control.

Also, do not forget that people are not machines and they can not work productively without breaks. Allow your staff to take breaks in the amount they need (of course, so that does not harm the results of the work).


To attract high-class employees, you need to offer them something in return. If your firm has negative nuances, then, to begin with, you should eliminate them. If your business gives the right conditions, then you become competitive, and the best candidates will come to you.

I hope my advice will help you.

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