Pokémon launches a new ‘24-Hour Pokémon Chu’ collection in collaboration with popular Japanese illustrator Nagano, featuring five different Pokémon plushies: Pikachu, Meowth, Slowpoke, Larvitar and Croagunk.

These plushies are currently available only in Japan for a limited time and are already sold out in several of Japan’s Pokémon Centers.

But there’s good news—you won’t have to travel across the land searching far and wide because you can catch ‘em all Shopee.

24-Hour Pokémon Chu Pikachu Plushie

24-Hour Pokémon Chu Meowth Plushie

24-Hour Pokémon Chu Slowpoke Plushie

24-Hour Pokémon Chu Larvitar Plushie

24-Hour Pokémon Chu Croagunk Plushie

The Pokemon plushies are all designed by nagano available for $33.48 (7% off) each. Additionally, if you buy 3 or more, you’ll get a first-come-first-served, random gift – Pick Style Key Chain.

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