Shoes, Handbags and Food can Go Together – Only at PAZZION Café at JEWEL Changi Airport

Some years back when I was working on a marketing campaign for a global fashion brand, I was told in the brief that it was inappropriate to engage food bloggers or influencers for fashion work as food images do not go with images of shoes and handbags. It was claimed that the association was unnatural and may appear “unsanitary”, just like how you wouldn’t eat a messy burger while dressed in an expensive evening gown.

Fast-forward to current time, Instagram Influencers alternating between food and fashion posts are dime-a-dozen and a common sight. I would never envision a cafe sitting side-by-side with a handbag and shoes retail store, but PAZZION did just that recently with the introduction of their first PAZZION Café.

Located nearby the HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport, the 45-seater café at #B1-243 presents an interesting concept which I have yet to seen replicated elsewhere in Singapore:

First founded in 2002, PAZZION is a Singapore home-grown fashion brand that has since expanded to more than 10 countries in the region including Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, China, and Vietnam. They are known for their functional yet trendy shoes and handbags.

PAZZION Cafe is the brand’s lifestyle extension seeking to create a cosy spot for shoppers to rest and relax while admiring their latest collection. We were invited for a dinner tasting and these were the items we sampled at the cafe:

Bottled Organic Kombucha
Flavoured Tea
Avocado Gula Melaka Smoothies $7.50
 Crabmeat Pomelo Salad $17
Zooming in on the edible flowers and how beautifully the salad is plated
Granola Bowl $14
Stuffed and Flaky $16 – croissant stuffed with scrambled egg and avocado spread
El Cubanos $18 – Cuban sandwich made of two Ciabatta Bread, filled with slow-cooked pulled pork, sweet honey-baked ham, spicy Jalapeños, nutty Swiss cheese and tarty gherkins, Mayo Mustard, accompanied by a side of crispy chips
Cold Truffle Pasta $18
King Prawn Linguine $22
Mixed Berries Waffles $14

The curated menu at PAZZION Cafe is said to serve a variety of modern cafe fares which the founder of PAZZION himself fancies. This makes sense. If you don’t enjoy the food at your own cafe, why would others enjoy them either. The cafe offers a range of all-day dining options, serving a range of different drinks from coffee to juices and dishes that accommodate all meal needs.

We really enjoyed Crabmeat Salad and Granola Bowl, the two healthiest options which were served. They are both plated beautifully, adding appeals to otherwise ordinary dishes.

The Cold Truffle Paste is a fun dish to enjoy as well. The angel hair pasta is served, drizzled with truffle oil and cooked to an optimal texture to bring out the spring in the strands. The dish is complemented with pan-seared scallop for added flavours.

Frankly, for cafe food which needs to prepared quick and easy, this is about as good as it gets. There wasn’t a dish which we find disappointing and the price point also seems pretty reasonable, with the King Prawn Linguine being the only ‘luxurious’ menu item which cost over $20.

The cafe is well-decorated and spacious, giving you a great view of the Rain Vortex. It strikes me as a cool place to chill and hangout with friends. Details are as below if you are interested to visit:


Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Blvd, #B1 – 243,
Singapore 819666

Operating Hours: Daily from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm


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