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The Secret to Mark Lee’s Acne Scar Treatment is Not That Secret

Not everyone is blessed with good skin. It boils down to our genetics which we can’t choose. Studies on acnes have demonstrated that a strong family history is usually present in acne patients. A large UK study involving 400 twin pairs showed that 81% of acne was due to genetic factors.

If you are like me and happen to draw the shorter end of the stick when it comes to skin genetics, acne problem is something which I have to grapple with since I hit puberty and even to date when I am almost hitting the big 4-0.

Due to my severe acne outbreaks during my teenage years and my poor knowledge on how to deal with it, I ended up with a pockmarked face into my adulthood for life. It hit my self-esteem really badly. During my NS days, one of my BMT sergeants used to nickname me “Archie Andrew” because of my reddish acne scars and not because I was popular with the ladies. When a classmate in university drew caricature of everyone in class, I was the only one drawn with dots on the face.

Over time, I kind of gotten numbed to it all. However, I also grew to dislike taking close-up portrait photos under extreme bright light which will expose all the pores and pockmarks on my face. You know that feeling of vulnerability on your look when you walk into the cosmetic department in a shopping mall? They are deliberately designed with bright lights and lots of mirrors to make you feel bad about your skin so you will buy more cosmetic products. That’s how I feel all the time, except there is no cosmetic products as a permanent fix for acne scars.

I was mostly resigned to my fate. That was until I observe some celebrities like Hong Kong’s Ekin Cheng and Singapore’s own Mark Lee being able to improve their equally pockmarked facial skin conditions over time. With scientific advancement and breakthrough in dermatology researches, it seem that acne scars are now treatable.

Okay to be exact, you can’t turn your moon-crater-like face into the smooth porcelain face of a K-pop star, but it can be salvaged to a stage whereby you no longer have to shy away from taking photos.

I did a search online and found out that Mark Lee’s secret to better skin isn’t that secret after all. He has been relying on The Clifford Clinic’s Acne Scar Program in his bid to achieve better skin – and the results are clearly showing.

The Secret to Mark Lee's Acne Scar Treatment is Not That Secret - Alvinology

I made an appointment with the same clinic and requested for the same treatment which Mark Lee underwent. The before-and-after result after one session of their Infini Acne Scar Treatment and one session of their Secret RF Treatment are as below:

The Secret to Mark Lee's Acne Scar Treatment is Not That Secret - Alvinology The Secret to Mark Lee's Acne Scar Treatment is Not That Secret - Alvinology The Secret to Mark Lee's Acne Scar Treatment is Not That Secret - Alvinology

The Infini Acne Scar treatment is prescribed by Clifford Clinic as the best solution for very deep acne scars. It is a minimally-invasive treatment that uses micro-needles which are pressed against you skin to send precise Radiofrequency (RF) energy up to 3.5mm deep below the skin’s surface.

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This functions to stimulate your body’s natural collagen and healing process for powerful acne scar removal. In addition, Infini has the additional benefit of lifting the face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and overall – providing significant improvements as a skin rejuvenation procedure.

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Secret RF on the other hand, is a novel, revolutionary technology that similarly, uses controlled, fractional RF energy and minimally-invasive micro-needles to fight acne and the first signs of aging – improving skin texture and discolouration in order to bring your skin back to its youthful and radiant state.

Working on the theory of tissue coagulation and hemostasis, Secret RF essentially transmits controlled heat to specific parts of the skin. In doing so, it stimulates the skin tissues to remodel collagen and elastin – both essential ingredients for younger-looking skin.

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Using the finest and most precise gold-coated micro-needles, Secret RF is able to deliver heat energy at various depths (from 0.5mm – 3.5mm) into the skin’s layers – triggering tissue tightening almost immediately. Unlike other lasers, Secret RF works to restructure and rebuild the affected areas damaged by aging and acne scarring with long-lasting effects.

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I went for the two treatments one month apart from each session. The downtime was around two to three days whereby my face was a little reddish after the treatment.

Light anesthesia will be applied on your face for both treatments. This is necessary to numb the pain as the micro-needles poke into your skin. For those who are afraid of pain, both treatments were bearable for me and I didn’t have trouble sitting through them. It helps that the doctor and nurse at the aesthetic clinic were very professional and would talk to you to distract you.

The Secret to Mark Lee's Acne Scar Treatment is Not That Secret - Alvinology

I am happy with the result so far.

Now, I feel more confident when taking photos and don’t have to hide in the shadowy corners anymore. If only I had discovered these treatments earlier, then maybe I won’t have to go through that Archie Andrew phase of my life…

To be honest, if Mark Lee and my face can be saved, I am sure almost all other acne scar conditions can be saved.

If you are interested to find out more or book an appointment with The Clifford Clinic for treatment of your acne scars, visit the official website for more information. 

  1. I use dermalmd scar serum regularly and it has done wonders for my skin, and has caused acne scars/dark spots to completely fade. It is hydrating but I still use a moisturizer in addition to this at night

    1. I have paid for treatments by Clifford as well and similarly saw no results. I respect avinology a lot and read many of your articles but I wish you will not promote services which do not help at all and which could potentially cost a small fortune to fellow Singaporeans. Best Regards.

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