A Joanne Peh nude scene is airing on her latest drama “The Last Madame” on Toggle, Mediacorp’s digital TV portal. The 36-year-old mum of two and actress plays a brothel madame in Mediacorp’s first M18 rated drama.

You can watch Joanne Peh on The Last Madame on Toggle here.

What is the Last Madame about?

According to its show information page on Toggle, the show is about two women, one living in 2019 and another in the 1940s. Joanne Peh plays the 1940s brothel boss alongside talent such as Fiona Fussi and Jeff Chou.

The show is about a banker in present-era Singapore stumbling upon the sordid nature of her family’s legacy in the form of the brothel. The story would be told in both the present day and in the bygone era, the two times linked by their strong female protagonists, just like in AS Byatt’s Possession.

According to a report from TODAY, the head writer and director Jean Yeo said that “This story is about female empowerment which is defined very differently in a different period.” She actively differentiated The Last Madame from Game of Thrones, and she said that there would be authentic depictions of life in a brothel during the appropriate era, but would not be risque.

Jeff Chou, who partnered with Joanne in her steamy scene as an investigator said that he was also nervous and fearful, but that their professionalism and the production team helped them get through.

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Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except the mind – Dale Carnegie Nobody wants to have their most private moments exposed – least of all for it to be captured on film! My first time filming this intimate scene with @joannepeh was nerve-racking and I felt incredibly vulnerable. We needed a balance of making the scene look believable, but also respecting the cast and crew working on the project. Asking us to bare it all for the screen was a big deal – but we believed in the vision and wanted to take the story deeper to tell how two people could learn to love under impossible conditions. I preoccupied myself with workouts to stay in shape while juggling a busy filming schedule – in the end, it was my mindset that needed to be changed. Thank you to Joanne for your patience & trust, and I’m grateful to @ochrepictures for this opportunity to push me beyond my comfort zone and grow past my fears. [link in bio] Check out the link for the uncensored version 😉 #toohotforinsta Binge the rest of the show on Toggle now! https://bit.ly/2lHwd44 #lastmadame #togglelm #ochrepictures #catwalkasia #steamy #maturecontent

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What did Joanne Peh have to say about her nude scenes in the Last Madame?

Joanne took her role very seriously, and was very concerned about her performance, especially when the script called for a nude scene. She was very open in her Instagram account below:

She also addressed the specific scene in particular, with this post:

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[link in profile] It took me a long time to decide if I would go nude for our bed scene in Last Madame. A story set in a brothel in the 1930s, we can’t shy away from sex. The tension between my character and Inspector Mak began the moment we met and the flirting continued. It was bound to happen, it was just a matter of when and where. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It was a big step for me as an actress to go bare in front of the production crew and my fellow actor. But I decided to do this because the context of the story and character motivations were fully justified. It wasn’t just about love-making, it was my character learning to love and trust again, and a transitional milestone for both our characters. I had full trust in my co-star @ijeffchou, respect for my director and confidence in the camera crew before saying yes to my EP Jean. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I was nervous of how it would look on screen because so many things could go wrong, but when I finally saw the EP’s cut, I was moved, and realised in that moment that I made the right decision. Because showing two bodies moving in unison captured the passions and inner conflict of the two characters so vividly, it pushed the show to a different level. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You’re welcome @jeanthelionmum, now go search for Last Madame on Toggle’s homepage.

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She said she was very apprehensive about the scene, and was worried that things could go wrong during filming and editing. But upon seeing the finished product, she said that she felt good about her work and was very proud of her performance.

Who is Joanne Peh?

Joanne Peh or Bai Wei Xiu was Miss Elegant and Miss PErsonality in Miss Singapore 2002. She signed on with Mediacorp following her win, and won various awards for her work in film as an actress and host. Known to be bilingula, articulate, and intelligent, Peh juggled university and the demands of show business early in her life.

She had a four-year relationship with Bobby Tonelli before she was linked to Qi Yuwu in 2013. They were married the next year and have two children.

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