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The Use of Digital Airport Billboards in Advertising

No matter where you are traveling, you will find many advertisements for different products and services. For example, you will see wraps on taxis and buses, billboards, and window banners. Advertisers have realized that regional and international airports are strategic places where they can pass their message to an upscale and educated audience. According to research findings released in 2004, individuals who fly frequently have an average annual income of over $100,000 and tend to be sophisticated shoppers.

Advertisers are embracing the use of digital billboards as it allows them to offer interactive experiences with target customers. Airports are enjoying lucrative income from digital airport billboards. Most billboards in an airport convey messages about airlines, taxi cabs in an area, and airport shuttles. You are likely to find the billboards in all the main sections of an airport. Here are some of the top reasons why the use of digital billboards is gaining prominence in regional and international airports:

Allows Advertisers to Convey Multiple Messages.

Every advertiser would want to convey more than one message in an advertisement as this is cost-effective. Using digital billboards in an airport allows advertisers to convey all the positive aspects of their businesses, such as customer testimonials and sales volume. Consider investing in digital billboards if you intend to market multiple messages to your target audience.

Improving Customer Experience.

The concept of customer experience has been experiencing significant changes over the years due to technological advancements. Therefore, advertisers are now embracing digital approaches to improve customer experience. The use of digital billboards allows brands to convey messages to an audience using interactive features, and this provides a unique experience for potential customers. If a customer is pleased with the customer experience offered by a brand, they are likely to recommend the brand and its products. A company that invests in improving the customer experience gets more loyal customers in the long run.

Gaining Competitive Advantage.

The use of digital airport billboards is more effective than the traditional method in gaining a competitive advantage in an industry. Advertisers can display their creativity when designing digital billboards for their brands. The medium is also flexible and cost-effective when conveying marketing messages of a company.

Increased Visibility of Messages.

There are many technological advertisements in different sectors of the economy. The number of brands has also been increasing significantly over time. Therefore, the brands are adopting new ways of drawing the attention of potential digital customers. Digital airport billboards are more effective in increasing visibility as they have strong customer interactivity.

Timing for Advertisements.

Some advertisements are more effective during certain times in a day. Digital airport billboards allow advertisers to convey their intended messages during different times of the day that they consider to be effective for promoting their brands. For example, some product promotions will be more effective when the message is aired during morning hours while others in the evening.


Unlike the traditional billboards, which usually stay up for long periods, digital billboards in an airport allow advertisers to alter adverts with ease. For example, you can purchase space for an advert to start and end on a specific day.

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