It’s safe to assume that anyone in the 21st-century middle-class world has a phone, and with that phone, probably has a phone case. But how do we choose our cases? Was it a gift from someone special, or simply something practical you found easily at the store? Did you rummage online through the thousands of cute phone cases at Casely? Here’s what your phone case probably says about you as a person.

You Don’t Have a Phone Case

Wow! You are definitely among the few. You either have an insane amount of trust in your coordination, or you’re a wild-child, fly by the seat of your pants kind of person. Most likely, you’re the latter.

You can be found lying in a hammock by the beach or eating lunch in the grass at the park. You live in the moment and don’t take people for granted. You don’t waste time worrying about the future or things you can’t control. You’re probably late to most of your appointments because you got distracted singing to some song on the radio, but that’s okay, because you’re living your best life.

You Have an Otterbox

You are practical and meticulous. You value getting the job done (with good results) over aesthetics. If your bulky phone case won’t fit in that tiny purse, you grab a different purse. You know accidents happen, and you always think ahead to mitigate them. If someone bumps into you, you don’t have to worry about a scratch or a crack on your screen—you already got it covered. You’re always on time to appointments and have a backup plan for everything.

You Have a Folio Case

You are a business entrepreneur, academic, or a dad. Your life is painstakingly in order, and you always know where your keys are. Your receipts are ordered by date, and your taxes are filed way before the deadline. Clumsy, careless people are probably not in your inner circle. You’re an intelligent, driven person who doesn’t have time for unnecessary events.

You Have a Glitter Case

You are a ball of sunshine and can always make your friends laugh. You enjoy the shiny things in life, like jewelry and fairy lights. You probably have 4 rings on each hand and a feather infinity tattoo on the inside of your arm. You are lighthearted, fun, and infinitely kind. You tend to live your life up in the clouds and need to be reminded to come back down.

You Have a Designer Case

Bonus points if this case is Kate Spade, clear, and studded with crystals. Your nails are always done, and your outfit is always on fleek. Your skin is always clear, and your car always looks like it’s just been washed. Your house looks like the inside of an Instagram post. In your past-time, you host wine-and-cheese nights with your girlfriends. You’re always up-to-date on the latest trends and celebrity gossip. You have your life on lock and only allow the people you want to be in it.

As trivial as it may sound, phone cases are a bit of a commitment! No one wants to change out cases every few days, so finding one that really resonates with your style, personality, and functional needs can be tricky. While some people may not give a lot of thought to what their phone case looks like, that in-and-of-itself speaks to a personality trait! With as much a part of our lives our phones have become, any accessory that goes with your phone is an extension of yourself, whether you want to admit it or not!