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Parents allegedly murder 2-year-old daughter in 2014, remains found in cooking pot 5 years later after neighbors report pungent smell

What was initially reported as a foetus cooked in a pot in our previous article has now been investigated to be a toddler who died five years ago allegedly at the hands of the parents. The remains were then found in a cooking pot after neighbors reported the foul smell emanating from an HDB unit on Chin Swee Road due to the occupant’s cooking.

In the report, the current occupant was a male with a mental disability, who was in the unit when the police arrived. He has an older brother who is currently in prison.

Read about what was thought to be a foetus found in a cooking pot on Chin Swee Road.

A crime that is shocking in its slow revelation

A report by Must Share News earlier this week stated that neighbors had called in police to a HDB on Block 52 Chin Swee Road because of the pungent smell coming from the unit. The report said that the police investigated for hours, since the occupant may have been developmentally challenged. They allegedly left with a pot that contained the source of the pungent smell, which was thought to be a foetus that had been cooked.

But a report from Channel News Asia has revealed more details, which paint a more gruesome picture of the couple who used to reside in the HDB unit in question.

According to the report, a 30-year-old woman and 31-year-old man who are on remand have been charged with murdering their 2-year-old daughter in 2014. They are currently on remand after serving sentences for unrelated charges that include theft, violence, and drugs.

The toddler’s remains were found in a pot after residents alerted police to the pungent smell on September 10, at around 8:30 in the evening. The police investigated for hours, allegedly leaving after midnight with a cooking pot.

Further investigation revealed that the remains found in the pot were the daughter of the previous tenants of the HDB, the parents of the victim. A gag order was put in place to protect the identity of the couple’s other children.

The man had previously been charged with drug-related offences and rioting. The woman was sentenced to jail after pleading guilty to drug related charges and theft.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) said that there are stable alternative care arrangements for the couple’s two other children. They alsos aid that, “MSF will continue to provide the necessary support to ensure the children’s safety and welfare.”

Questions abound in wake of revelations

Netizens online have started asking questions about how the child had only been found recently after being dead for five years. Aside from the horror at the turn of events and the people involved, Singaporean netizens want to know how the child wasn’t looked for by the Ministry of Education. They also wanted to know how the child could have been found in the pot, and how the current tenants of the HDB unit figured in the case.

According to reports, investigations are still ongoing.

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