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A bedroom must be a room of silent retreat, a sanctuary in the midst of a busy day. A place to relax while changing out of clothes or a spot to watch the evening news. Above all, a bedroom must be the most calming and comfortable space to rest a tired and exhausted body after a long day.

But not many of us know how to furnish a bedroom properly. More often than not, our bedrooms obtain or acquire our leftovers. For the most part, we aim our attention to our kitchens or living rooms, areas that the visitors can see. And ignore the place where we’ll spend at least a third of our lives.

A bedroom must be a sanctuary, a personal getaway, which manifests your most-loved collections, feelings, and colors. For a little help, here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom. So, take a read!

Pick Neutral Color

Rather than bold, vivid primary colors, opt for subtle shades and a soothing palette of invariant tones. Keep the color theory in mind: subtle colors of green, lavender or blue are regarded as serene and calm.

Moreover, the rich hues that resemble those of gemstones aid in setting the mood of comfort and coziness. These may comprise topaz, deep pomegranate, or toasty browns. Opt to leverage subtle versions of your most-liked colors in the bedroom. By that we mean, choosing pumpkin rather than tangerine, or mauve rather than eggplant.

Be Minimalist

For the most part, a bedroom must appear elegant, sophisticated, simple, and cozy, whatever the style of furnishing your go for. Leave enough space between the large pieces of furniture or sidewalls and the bed for ease of movement. No less than two feet between the low furniture, such as dressers and tables, and the bed.

If you need to move around the bed in order to go to the bathroom, consider how you can relocate the bed. Decorate your room with just what you need. Chairs, a dresser, a bedside table, and a bed are necessities. Beyond these things are considered clutter.

If possible, in the closet, perhaps you can place a chest of drawers. Accessories must be kept minimal. Select an attractive piece of artwork, add candles and flowers, and arrange a few family pictures.

Choose The Correct Mattress

Your bed is the star of your bedroom. For that reason, you must get the right mattress that is relaxing and comfortable. There are a lot of options available in the market today, for example, Nectar and Leesa. But if you ask us nectar vs leesa, well, the answer is up to you. Remember to consider your preferences and sleep position in choosing a mattress.

The Ceiling

Do not ignore the ceiling. It is perhaps the fifth wall in your bedroom. Do you see a blank, bland surface when you lie in bed? If yes, consider adding a soft color or subtle, toned-down pattern.

Paint it a relatively lighter version of the color of the wall. It will undoubtedly aid you in giving the room a feeling of familiarity and comfort and visually lowering the ceiling. Alternatively, you can opt to wallpaper or stencil the ceiling, utilize an ornamental paint treatment, or include architectural designs.

If you want to make your room luxurious, a tented bed or a canopy with a dressing that mounts down from the ceiling can be an option, as well as silver-leafed bedroom ceilings. These luxurious options will add color, design, and texture to the ceiling. Or you can incorporate a chandelier or molded medallion that brings texture, pattern, and color to your ceiling.

Pick The Correct Size Of Furniture

Once you are ready to purchase bedroom furniture, begin with a measured drawing of the room and a floor plan. Pieces of furniture must fit the bedroom it situates, and it’s especially true for bedroom furniture.

Do not pick a large, heavy dresser, and a bed for a small-spaced bedroom. If your bedroom’s ceiling is high, a towering headboard will, for the most part, aid in bringing down the size. If you have a huge bedroom, opt for pieces of furniture that fits it as well. Include an ottoman and chair at the bed’s end. Accessories and furniture that are very small will look insignificant in a large-scale room.


Above anything else, allow your bedroom to be a genuine getaway. Discipline and train yourself to keep any devices out of the room. Build a revered sanctuary to renew and relax. For sure, you will love having a bedroom exclusive to romance, sleeping, and reading. Furthermore, keep things out of sight to bring a serene environment to a bedroom. If you do this, your bedroom will look more roomy and calm. Don’t forget to include several lighting options throughout the room.


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