Bushcraft is an outdoor activity most people enjoy doing. As a result, there is a greater demand for bushcraft knives. However, with a plethora of bushcraft knives designed in the market, it is difficult to choose the best one. Bushcraft knives are used for various purposes which include woodworking, preparing food, building a fire and, of course, for survival. These tasks are mostly performed using the same knife. But, there are distinct points in the design that makes it best suited to perform the camping activities.

Best features of bushcraft knives

The best bushcraft knives come with a Damascus steel or carbon steel, because these materials stand up to the abuse and wear gracefully for years to come. There are different versions of handles which includes Micarta, Burlwood and buffalo horn, designed to suit various applications and grip preferences. The knives are handmade and every handle is carved out of a single piece of wood for superior strength. Full tang knives are the best choice in comparison to their counterparts as they are more reliable under challenging situations. The knives are made using ancient methods that primarily focus on perfecting one knife at a time. The bushcraft knives are the ultimate solution for all the camping enthusiasts, thanks to their batoning and carving capabilities. 


Woodcraft or woodwork is the usage of wood to make tools and shelter. These include preparing traps and cutting spoons. To perform such tasks, it is best to select a knife which has an ergonomic handle to support your relentless efforts. If the handle is flat, it can be uncomfortable to use it for longer durations. 


The full tang knife comes with a blade that goes down all the way till the edge of the handle.  This feature makes the knife more resilient and helps to absorb more pressure. As a result, it makes the construction solid and helps to survive. It is a great survival tool as it performs certain functions such as building shelter, digging, splitting, preparing food, and more. A full tang bushcraft knife is more satisfying in terms of performance as it is designed using a single piece of metal, and there is no scope of any breakage especially during self-defense.

Gathering and preparing food.

Gathering and preparing food with a  thinner knife has many advantages. It helps to cut thinner slices of fruits,vegetables and roast. It is convenient to cut and slice all kinds of vegetables. Don’t choose the smallest knife as it’s more practical to go for a longer one especially to make fish fillets. The bushcraft knives are designed in a manner that makes the process of cleaning simpler. Food particles doesn’t get stuck towards the edge of the knife after use and hence it is easier to maintain. .

To build a fire

Bushcraft knives often come handy to build a fire and using the knife with a sturdy spine makes all the difference. The construction of the knife is solid that helps to build a fire with ease. Simply pull the knife spine to create sparks. You can light leaves, grass, tinder and the barbeque grills with the sparks. 

A bushcraft knife is one of the best carving tools that comes handy when you are in a disastrous situation. When you are deserted in a forest, the bushcraft knife helps to baton firewood.  Batoning the wood provides access to inner parts of the wood, form shingles and more. The process is effortless and provides better wood slices when compared to chopping. But, one needs a bit of practice to use these knives. When you master the art of using bushcraft knives, you can do a whole lot of things to overcome the challenges during your camping activities. Thus, a bushcraft knife is undoubtedly the best survival knife to enjoy an adventurous and safe camping. It is easy to carry around the neck during the camping activities.