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Who is Kho Bin Kai “BK Kho”? Is he Peter Lim’s son-in-law and Kim Lim’s husband?

While Singaporean netizens may be torn on the topic of Kim Lim’s husband and her glamorous lifestyle, they are still interested to know the details so they can form an opinion. It doesn’t matter whether you hate her or love her, but her life as the heiress to a billionaire’s fortune and her hetsetting life definitely makes you look twice.

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After giving birth last year and even celebrating her son Kyden’s 100th day, the ubiquitous question of who Kim Lim’s husband is inevitably pops up. Thanks to interviews we’ve finally found out that Kim Lim’s husband and the father of baby Kyden is someone allegedly named Kho Bin Kai, or more popularly known as BK Kho.

Who is Kho Bin Kai?

His Instagram is locked down tight, but you can see that his profile photograph is that of him and Kim Lim with a birthday cake during a celebration.

In an interview with Young PArents, Kim told readers about her relationship with her husband as well how she met him. According to her, she met him in Thailand at a Buddhist temple. She was immediately drawn to his height and broad shoulders, and found out that he was a friend of her assistant. Kim is a self-proclaimed devout Buddhist, and goes to Thailand a lot to their temples. She also said that he exuded a “bad boy” vibe.

Kim said that they dated for a year and a half before deciding to get married.

Who is Kim Lim’s husband?

Kim also mentions the differences in her personality with her son’s father. She says that BK Kho is very low-key and doesn’t have any interest in social media, unlike Kim who is an influencer and earns her income primarily from being one. She says that he did not even have an Instagram account before he met her.

She also said that he is quite calm and rational, while she is impulsive when dealing with issues. She says that their attraction to each other may be a product of their opposite personalities as well.

Kim Lim and Mario Ho

Long before even a photo of Kho Bin Kai as Kim’s husband surfaced, rumors of a relationship between Kim and Mario Ho raced far and wide in South East Asia. The son of casino tycoon Stanley Ho, Kim and Mario were said to be in a relationship, and he was even rumored to allegedly be the father of Kim’s pregnancy at the time.

Kim dispelled those rumors, though, saying that while she and Mario did date, they didn’t last more than half a year because they were too busy and drifted apart.

Kim Lim’s husband charged for gambling offense

Recently, Kho Bin Kai had been charged for a gambling offense, said a report from AsiaOne. He allegedly assisted in remote gambling using an alias “Ah Leong.” He is currently out on $25,000 bail and is set to return to court on October 8.

Leaving social media

Kim is quite involved with her child, and does not jet off at any time to go on trips, and puts little Kyden before anything else. She also said that she will give herself until she turns 30 years old to be an influencer. After that, though, she plans to help her father and brother with their various businesses.

While Kim Lim’s husband has been revealed to be Kho Bin Kai, it’s anyone’s guess what’s next for her and her fairytale life as a new mom.


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