If you’re off on holiday with your family and you want to visit Italy, there are so many cities to choose from. People don’t instantly think of Italy when they try to come up with cheap holidays, but it can actually be quite affordable. Below, we’ll talk about some of the best cities to visit with your family during the holidays. 


Visiting a city like Florence can be a unique experience for the entire family. There are so many great things to do with kids, ad it’s a compact city, so all of the attractions are within walking distance. Don’t forget to let your kids take a ride on the antique carousel located in the square as you explore. There are lots of museums in Florence, too, but not all are suited to young kids. 


Milan is a great city for fashion lovers and romantics, but families can definitely get a piece of the action, too. You can reach the waterpark within a half-hour’s drive west from downtown Milan. Fun bits for smaller kids include a lagoon and dedicated kiddie park. 


The Amalfi Coast is a living work of art that your family can visit on holiday. It is one of the most stunning Mediterranean landscapes that offers families irresistible views and many activities to enjoy. You can start by exploring the beauty and depth of the most famous place on the island of Capri with a Blue Grotto Tour. Families can see several of the caves enclosures, which lead down windy corridors to reveal hidden underground passages. Don’t let the tour sell out before you get your tickets! 


The city itself is almost 2,700 years old, but the surrounding environment is even much older.  Geological features such as Mount Vesuvius are very much part of the city’s unique personality. Here, kids can see many new and interesting things they wouldn’t see back home. There are many world-class museums, ancient churches, and more. Start with the Città della Scienza (City of Science) museum. This museum along Via Coroglio is currently hosting a handful of small exhibits, including a planetarium, an educational garden, a volcanoes exhibit, and an agricultural exhibit.


Rome is steeped in culture and history and no matter where you turn there’s something amazing to see. The Colosseum is usually one of the first things people want to see, so try that on your first day in Rome. It’s more than worth purchasing the ‘skip the line’ ticket to get there as quickly as possible. You can also visit The Circus Maximus, which is the site of ancient chariot races.  Its track and the sloping walls where the seating would have been are still very obvious. You can almost picture it all unfolding right in front of you. It’s also the perfect space for children to explore and run around in. 

Which of these cities will you choose for your family holiday to Italy? Leave a comment!

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