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Who is Hwa Chong Woman? YouTube terminates racist channel

‘Hwa Chong JC’ woman, who went viral for all the abhorrent racist reasons recently has been removed from listings featuring her name and face, and had her YouTube channel terminated thanks to policy violations pertaining to racist and hate speech.

According to a report from The Independent, the 57-year-old woman who went viral in an MRT video has been removed from Knight Frank Property Network. Police also said that the woman is assisting in investigations.

Knight Frank cited that, “The company maintains zero tolerance for hate speech and racism that threatens the foundations on which Singapore is built.” in their statement, referring to the possible reason as to why their associate was removed from their roster.

The viral video involving the labeled Hwa Chong woman has caught Singaporean netizens’ attention, since it showed a woman making uncomfortable and impolite judgment on people who happened to ride with her on the train.

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What happened to the Hwa Chong woman viral video?

In the video, a woman wearing a pink dress and holding a red handbag can be seen holding a mobile phone, seemingly recording a video where she would ask other passengers questions.

The video, which can be seen below, was labeled racist by the uploader.

The incident happened on the East-West train line. She spoke to the other passengers in a condescending manner, saying she would never “never mix around with you guys because we’re so different”.

She also declared proudly that she was from “Hwa Chong JC” and asking other passengers about their educational attainment.

She asked the commuters seated in front of her, “You guys want to tell me where, which JC, you’re from?”

Without waiting for a response, she continued to make judgments and statements such as “Now, he was from NUS, I was from Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, in case you don’t know. Alright.”

Afterwards, she cut herself off from her tirade, and asked,  “Hi, erm, may I know your race?”

One of the people in the vicinity appeared to have answered her, and the woman said disdainfully, “Malay is it? Okay, no wonder.”

She then continued to make racially-charged statements and spoke about unknown people as well as some of the passengers on the train as if she knew them and their histories. She then allegedly counted the number of Malays that were visible on the train with her, and made statements that accused people around her of harassment.

Police investigations have been launched in connection to the video.

YouTube channel taken down

A YouTube channel that used to belong to a person named Beow Tan has been terminated. Netizens had linked the YouTube channel to the content of the viral Hwa Chong woman.

Who is Hwa Chong Woman? YouTube terminates racist channel - Alvinology

The videos were all about incidents were a Malay or Indian person committed am alleged wrongdoing. The most-watched video, “Malay Man Attempted To Molest Chinese Woman”, had over 75,000 views.

Header image from YouTube.

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