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NERF Blasters for Father-son Bonding during the June School Holiday

During the June school holiday last month, Asher and I found a new activity for father-son bonding – NERF blasters! 

We usually spend our time together exercising by jogging, swimming or cycling. These get monotonous after a while and we started playing with NERF blasters to add fun and excitement to our usual father-son bonding outdoor activities.

Hasbro Singapore recently rolled out a series of new NERF blasters. Check out our unboxing video here:

The new NERF N-Strike Elite Rukkus ICS8 allows multiple loading up to 8 clips at once for longer playtime while the NERF AccuStrike Mega Bulldog is built for stability and better accuracy. Shooting in the dark? The NERF Modulus Ghost Ops Shadow ICS-6 comes with a chronobarrel extention that lights up along with the blaster! See them in action in this play video we shot at the playground in our estate:

It’s more fun with multiple players. We started off as a father-son bonding activity but it soon grew into a full group battle mode when a bunch of kids came by the playground and we invited them to join us! More people more fun!

Ready for some NERF blasters fun too?  IT’S NERF OR NOTHIN’!

These are available in leading toy shops in Singapore like Toys R Us and online at Lazada via the Hasbro flagship store.


  1. Hello Alvin,

    This game looks fun to play and the days go interesting when the children are at home. It makes parents also involve which the family bonding stronger and happy to play with their kids. The video for un-boxing of Nerf-Blasters was shown great. I enjoyed watching the videos. Hope to see to come more.

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