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You can now explore Singapore conveniently via commute using Mastercard contactless card

While getting around Singapore has never been a problem with its extensive and efficient public transport network, tourists can now explore the city-state even more seamlessly using the Mastercard contactless card they already have in their pocket.

You can now skip the process of getting a separate fare card and make the most of your time when visiting Singapore.

Earlier this month, Mastercard partnered Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) to integrate contactless payments technology into the city’s core infrastructure. Visitors can use their foreign-issued Mastercard contactless credit, debit or prepaid card or mobile wallet and wearables linked to their Mastercard to tap and go on buses and trains. Please note that cardholders of foreign-issued Mastercard contactless cards should check on overseas card usage with their local banks.

Although a nominal administrative and overseas transaction fee applies, the convenience of tap & go is priceless for any modern time-starved consumer. LTA has administered a nominal fee of S$0.50 that will be charged either after 5 days from the first tap or for every $15 spent on public transport, whichever is earlier.

This new system, SimplyGo, provides easy cashless access to bus and train rides, eliminating the hassle that comes with applying for a separate travel card or handling local currency. This allows them to skip the queues to buy a tourist pass or top up their fare cards.

Visitors can also easily track their expenses by using only one Mastercard contactless card to pay for everything from public transport to dining to shopping and entertainment.

Mastercard is the first international payments network in Singapore to partner the LTA on SimplyGo, providing smoother transit journeys for both residents and tourists alike.

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