Let the savoury goodness of Pok Pok Chicken Skin explode your tastebuds. Launching the first original flavoured chicken skin snack on 17 June 2019, Pok Pok Chicken Skin aims to produce nostalgic yet modern recipes using only premium chicken skin.

With an original recipe formulated to excite everyone’s palate, the chicken skin snack bursts in full flavour with every crackling bite, taking one straight to savoury heaven. Perfect sync of pepper and salt, the taste of Pok Pok Chicken Skin is made to crispy perfection.

Its first Pok-Up (pop-up) Store will be located at Raffles Xchange B1 from 17 June 2019. Customers can also enjoy a launch promotion of 10% off when you follow Pok Pok’s social media accounts.


  • Raffles Xchange B1 (opposite Love Luxury) – 17-21 and 24-28 June 2019
  • Suntec City B1 (opposite Crystal Jade) – 1-12 July 2019

Packed in 100gm for SGD 8.50, Pok Pok Chicken Skin will be available for online delivery from August 2019 here.