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How A Person Can Kill It On Business Trips And Advance Their Career

Being sent on a business trip can be exciting as getting out of the office is worth its weight in gold. This is a big responsibility as your company trusts you to represent the company in an appropriate way. Closing a big deal on a contract with a client is a quick way to climb the corporate ladder as well as be the person selected to send on trips as you will be known as a sale closer. Small things like getting work done while on a business trip will impress management and can be great for your career as you will be seen as an employee that takes initiative. The following are tips to help you succeed on a business trip and thus advance your career going forward.

Make Travel Time Go Quickly By Getting Work Done

Getting work done while on the road should not be difficult as you will have a lot of downtime between meetings. Being able to show management that your production does not take a hit even when traveling shows them you can take on more responsibility. Set an agenda of work that you are going to want to get done as long flights can be extremely boring. You don’t need to watch the same movie for the 6th time but rather clear your emails and expense the on plane internet. Ask a manager if there are any projects that they would like to handle while you are away. You might be given a special project that could impact your career positively.

Get Great Quality Sleep

Sleeping in a motel or Airbnb can be difficult as naturally we tend to have trouble sleeping in new locations. Finding supplements for better sleep could be the answer as you want to be as sharp as possible for whoever you are meeting the next day. If there is a pillow or blanket that you simply cannot sleep without bring this along with you. Avoid using alcohol as a way to fall asleep in a faster fashion as it decreases your quality of sleep and you do not want to have a hangover when in an important meeting.

Explore The City You Are In To Relieve Stress

You have to take time to relieve stress so exploring the city you are in can do just that. Every city has something that is a bit different than others whether it is the food or music scene. Do some research before visiting a city and ask those at the hotel you are staying at for any  tips on enjoying the city for a few days. Try to incorporate your exploring with meetings as well as taking a client out for dinner can be a great way to build rapport for future business.

Map Out Your Trip To A Sales Pitch Or Client Meeting

The last thing that you want to do is to travel thousands of miles only to have a bad accident on the way to the meeting cause you to miss it. Being late to a meeting can be bad enough so map out your route to the sales pitch or current client meeting. Give yourself plenty of extra time as you will be able to grab breakfast or coffee while you wait. You would rather be very early and explore the area rather than be 25 miles away with a meeting that started in 10 minutes.

Start taking your business meetings to the next level and watch your career trajectory skyrocket! Small details can make all of the different when traveling for business.

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