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Same, Same, But Different: Here’s Everything About Modern-Cotemporary Interior Designs

Hey! If you are confused about the distinctions between contemporary and modern interior designs, don’t worry – you are not alone!

When it comes to interior designs, many of us face problems understanding the intricate difference that sets apart modern and contemporary interior design. So, to help you, we have broken down the distinctions between these styles for you.

We often consider contemporary to be the same as modern interior design, but you will be surprised to know that the two are certainly different from each other.

Understanding Contemporary Interior Designs

Yes, you may find several elements of modern interior designs in contemporary styles. However, both have their own essence and signatures. If we go by the definition, contemporary implies ‘living or taking place in the present,’ subtly highlighting the spirit of ‘here and now’.

In simple terms, the theme of ‘here and now’ illustrates how contemporary design styles represent the current design trends and yet pays homage to the past gracefully.

The contemporary design concept dates back to the 1970s and is considered to be genuinely unique as it incorporates elements from a variety of other design trends. Modern interior design features, traditional Art-Deco influenced notes or innovative design displays, are all hallmarks of the famous contemporary style.

Another very important aspect of contemporary design is that it is ever-evolving.

Understanding Modern Interior Designs

As we outline the distinctions between contemporary and modern interior designs, let’s first characterise what modern styles are all about.

Consisting of a range of different avatars and personifications, modern interior styles don’t really follow a set definition of what it must include. In simple terms, the essence of modern design rests in its reflection of new-age, present-day art movements, which progresses with changing times.

In its most basic form, modern interiors signify a representation of modern art trends. So, when it comes to home décor, a modern homes’ interior design style would reflect what’s popular, new, and edgy.

With its roots in Scandinavian and German structural design and concepts, modern interiors are absolutely fuss-free and resonate with simplistic personalities. While minimalism is key to nailing modern interior design for homes, you must know that the colour neutrality of furnishings and decor is just as important.

Earthy tones, delicate tints, and simple textures eliminate the need for unnecessary detailing, lending a sophisticated yet simplistic vibe to any space.

Contemporary Vs. Modern

Here are the key aesthetics, elements, and distinctive features that distinguish contemporary from modern design.


You will find that wooden and eco-friendly elements such as stone, wood, or leather are prominently used in modern interior design architecture, which lends a sleek look and feels to any space without making the space feel too mechanical or detached.

Even though contemporary interior design concepts make use of natural, organic elements in a similar fashion, they are typically blended or combined with cement, steel, and other industrial-inspired elements to offer a riffed, urban vibe.


Being a concept that is more fluid, modern contemporary interior design airs an eclectic profile and takes styling inspiration cues from various eras.

In contrast, modern interior designs follow a more uni-bound approach by laying close to strict layouts of minimalism and balance.


Contrary to popular belief, modern interior designs rarely give off a stark or cold impression. Yes, modern interiors indeed advocate minimalism, but it doesn’t really have to be cold, subdued, or dark design. Rather, such interiors are dominated by soft, earthy and warm neutrals.

On the other side, contemporary interiors intentionally highlight bold starkness with themes of monochromatic black and white or polychromatic bright colours and can also swing from one extreme to the other on the colour spectrum.

Your Next Décor Essential

As there has never been an archived set of guidelines for the different types of art, the mystery of contemporary vs modern design continues to persist, even today. Much of the misunderstanding stems from the fact that many of the elements of mid-century modern art are being increasingly blended with contemporary design concepts.

So, if you are still not sure that you can understand the totality of contemporary and modern interiors, it is recommended that you consult with the obvious expert – an interior designer!

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