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Kenneth Ma and his mom speak up on Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui scandal

After a video leaked of Jacqueline Wong Sum-Wing and Hong Kong actor Andy Hui making out in a car on April 3, both parties have made their statements, with the latter apologizing profusely to friends, family, and especially his wife Sammi Cheng.

30-year-old Jacqueline Wong has been in a long term relationship with another actor, Kenneth Ma, and has issued a statement on the scandal. According to Jacqueline, Kenneth is going to work as normal and that she and her family and friends are dealing with the scandal.

But what about Kenneth Ma and his mom?

A few years ago, when Kenneth, 45, and Jacqueline had started dating, the former’s mom did not approve of Jacqueline. According to a report by TODAY online, the matriarch said that she found problems with Jacqueline’s lifestyle, especially her spending habits.

Kenneth Ma uploaded a photo with Xie Xuexin, Hu Hongjun and Huang Zhiwen on Weibo at 12:30 pm yesterday. The message was, “Work hard.”

A large number of fans commented on Kenneth Ma’s social media profiles and asked him to hold on. Hong Kong media arrived in Kenneth’s home to ask for comments. Kenneth’s mother saw the reporters and they asked if he was home.

His mother said back, “Yes, he is fine, still watching the game, and saying that he will start work later.”

The also asked, “When did Ma’s mother see Huang Xinying last time?”

She responded: “A long time, during the Chinese New Year, I did not see her again.”

“Will you be disappointed with Huang Xinying?” the reporters asked. She replied, “Let the young people handle it themselves, I didn’t ask, they took so long, I rarely asked… I saw her three or four times.”

During the interview, Kenneth called his mother, and the latter said that her son had many reporters. After waiting for him, and hanging up the phone,  shis mother said: “My son told me not to answer so many of you.”‘

Kenneth Ma speaks

In a report by Asia One, Kenneth has made a statement about Jacqueline, “She (Jacqueline) knows she did wrong. Thank you all for your concern.” He also added that, “She actually wants to speak to the media as well, but the company is worried that she may say the wrong thing as she’s very emotional right now.”

He has also asked people to stop frightening his family and putting pressure on his mom. He also said that he has nothing to say about what Andy Hui has said, and that only the man’s wife, Sammi Cheng, could actually comment on the matter.

He also asked people to take it easy on Jacqueline, especially since she is younger than him. Kenneth also said that he is calm, and would focus on his work. “I’ll be focused on my work, I don’t want this to affect the progress of the shoot.”



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