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[Giveaway] Using the Entertainer app at Lime @ Pickering

We could not forget our sumptuous Sunday brunch at Lime @ Pickering last year so we were very excited when we saw that this international restaurant and bar was one of the merchants featured in the Entertainer 2014 app. However, we wanted to wait for a special occasion before using up the precious 1-for-1 dinner buffet vouchers.

So we decided to pull the trigger on Oct 26, and I made a reservation for four adults and one toddler for dinner that Sunday evening. Our total bill: $145.94. Our savings: $145.94!! i.e. Dinner cost only $36.49 per adult with the use of two Entertainer vouchers. Asher, who is only three years old, dined free of charge.

Lime @ Pickering is spacious and comfortable
Lime @ Pickering is spacious and comfortable

The Entertainer app is the most useful dining-out app I know, offering 1-for-1 deals at more than 770 establishments here. The annual app ($98) is valid for 12 calendar months from January to December, and the monthly app ($19) is valid for 30 days upon activation. Other than Lime @ Pickering, offers from atas restaurants like Senso, Fat Cow and The White Rabbit are also available on the app. There are spa and hotel deals too.

“1-for-1” literally means that the second person dines free of charge. Most of the time, the offers are applicable only to main courses unless otherwise stated (like in this instance, it’s a buffet). When paying, simply tap on the offer you wish to redeem and key in the PIN you’ve set for the app. The merchant will then key in the PIN from their side to unlock and redeem the offer. It’s very fuss-free and the F&B outlets we’ve dined at with The Entertainer have been VERY nice about us using the app offers.

The app shows how much money you save when you foot the bill
The app shows how much money you save when you foot the bill

Three offers are available at Lime @ Pickering when you use the Entertainer 2014 app: 1-for-1 main course (estimated savings of S$36); 1-for-1 lunch buffet (estimated savings of S$67); 1-for-1 dinner buffet (estimated savings of S$67).

A small Peranakan spread was the highlight of the dinner buffet, and it was complemented by dishes from other Asian cuisines as well. We had a very spicy ayam buah keluak, kueh pie tee, bubur cha-cha, durian pengat and an assortment of Nyonya kuehs. Each item tasted wonderfully authentic; we were later told that the chef is Peranakan, hence. Asher polished off at least three servings of durian pengat.

Yummy Nyonya desserts
Yummy Nyonya desserts

The seafood section comprised fresh oysters, prawns, various shellfish and tuna and salmon sashimi. There was a pasta hot station, various salad stations, a selection of cheeses, roast chicken, roast beef, roast rack of lamb and soups. Personally, I prefer the Sunday Brunch but I cannot complain as there is a vast price difference (Sunday Brunch costs $88/$128, depending on whether you choose to have champagne and wine). All in all, it was a very satisfying meal.

Live pasta station
Live pasta station
Cold salad station
Cold salad station
Cheeses and olives
Cheeses and olives
Seafood section
Seafood section

Service is excellent at this restaurant. When I called to make a reservation, no-one picked up the phone so I e-mailed instead. I was pleasantly surprised when the staff called me back on my cellphone within minutes to answer my queries and apologise for not having answered the phone earlier. When I made changes to my reservation later, I could do so via e-mail again without a hitch. The helpful staff also gave me pricing details.

Other than the thoughtful service, I love the atmosphere at Lime. I love the floor to ceiling glass panels which afford diners a view of the street, framed by lush landscaping and well-placed water features along the perimeter of the restauarant. I love the cosy ambience, which allows me to have intimate conversation and be heard. And I love that the place is child-friendly. We’ll definitely be back!

Location: Street Level of PARKROYAL on Pickering, a PARKROYAL Collection hotel, 3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday – 6:30am to 12:00am
Friday, Saturday and eve of public holiday – 6:30am to 2:00am
Telephone+65 6809 8899

We are inviting more people to take advantage of The Entertainer! Alvinology is giving away 10 2014 ANNUAL Entertainer Singapore apps (each worth $98). To win, simply leave a comment at the end of this post about why you want the app. Please indicate a working e-mail address we can contact you at. For those who participated in the Extra Virgin Pizza Giveaway, sit tight – we shall be contacting the winners soon.

Winners who commented on this post have been contacted:

Chee Chin

Thank you for your patience! Please join the next round if you weren’t selected this time.


  1. Definitely hope to win this as I would like to bring my parents to enjoy some sumptuous buffet food. Everytime when I would like to bring them for a buffet treat, they would say things are expensive and the money spent could buy groceries and cook up big meals for more than a week or two. So if I could be lucky enough to win this, they will have no more reasons/excuses that I can’t treat them to nice buffet food. 🙂

  2. I would love 2014 ANNUAL Entertainer Singapore as December is gonna a month of celebration. With the app, I could pay less to feast more with my foodie friends & family for my birthday, me nephew’s birthday & Christmas!
    ~ milkfrost

  3. Would like to try out the app so that I can check out where to bring my parents for our Little Monster’s first month celebration after my confinement period 😉 This would be a Thank You meal for all the selfless help they have given during my pregnancy (+ confinement) and a reward for my husband and I for surviving 1 month of parenthood. I hope my favourite restaurant Forest is amongst the 770?? Otherwise, would be thrilled to try out other great places 🙂

  4. I am a foodie and with the Entertainer app, I can try more places, snap pictures to share and recommend places to eat. Just take a look at my instagram account @casualchin to see how much of a foodie I am.

  5. Cost of living is going up, but with the Entertainer app, we can still enjoy the pleasures in life and not go bankrupt. It is also a good way to give new restaurants a try – sometimes they can be pricey, but this makes them accessible .

  6. Omg was just about to subscribe to the Entertainer app, and came across this! The stars are aligned 😉
    Want the Entertainer app because I’m staying in Singapore for a year and want to make the most of the food scene here until I go back to my home country, and as a foreigner it’s a great way to make great plans with people I meet and make friends!

    Thanks for this giveaway idea!

  7. Great idea!! Seems like a such a fuss free new way to enjoy good deals in great restaurants 🙂 would love to try the app!

  8. My parents has been helping me to taking care of my little one , who will turn 18 month this dec. With this Entertainer app, I can bring them to celebrate this key milestone.
    Merry Christmas

  9. I would use the entertainer app because i’m the embodiment of all that is cheapskate. But seriously, it’s sounds like a great app because with so many food choices out there, the app would help narrow down my choices (and safe my wallet.)

  10. I want to win the app as looking at your food reviews just make me want to try them. I love good food too, just like you!

  11. Would really love to try out all the amazing food featured by merchants on the app! Usually dining out is a pricey and reserved affair but the entertainer vouchers can change all that by making dining out affordable for me and my family 🙂

  12. Sounds like a great app! Love to have it to dine well without busting the budget and very useful when entertaining overseas visitors. 🙂

  13. Would love the app cause its the best way to try out tons of new dining destinations! Eating out is exciting but really expensive, but I think the entertainer app can totally solve that problem by making it affordable for all to dine out 🙂

  14. Really want the app cause theres so many new places i wanna try out! Besides food, theres tons of activities on the app too like rockclimbing! Entertainer app totally makes singapore much more exciting!

  15. I want to win the annual subscription as I would love to stretch my dollar with the savings from the Entertainer app! I could go for more meals and gatherings!

  16. I would love to win the annual subscription as it will help reduce the risk of trying out new places, allowing me to discover alternative dining establishments with my loved ones! Thank you!

  17. When you buy the entertainer app please note that lime will not entertain you from dec 15 onwards. The entertain said that it is not valid only on holidays and eve of holidays. This is not true.

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