World Gourmet Summit 2019: For better food-waste management and plastic-free environment - Alvinology

World Gourmet Summit 2019: For better food-waste management and plastic-free environment

World Gourmet Summit (WGS), Asia’s premier haute cuisine festival that celebrates fine cuisines, excellent wines, and wonderful dining experiences, returns this year in its 23rd edition, from 1 April 2019 until 12 May 2019.

The festival presents gourmet dishes sporting a multitude of culinary influences. This year, World Gourmet Summit 2019 2019 emphasizes on the movement towards food-waste management, and plastic-free environment via the expansive theme of Sustainability in the Gastronomy World, through the inaugural WGS Sustainability in the Gastronomy World Forum.

The World Gourmet Summit 2019 Sustainability in the Gastronomy World Forum brings together a panel of speakers and experts from the culinary industry to discuss the various topics concerning issues on sustainability; from ethical and responsible sourcing, to the role each industry stakeholder plays in the mission to introduce and implement effective measures in a bid to adopt sustainable practices industry-wide.

World Gourmet Summit 2019: For better food-waste management and plastic-free environment - Alvinology

The event focuses on issues concerning sustainability in the culinary world across three topics – Innovation and Mindset, Sustainable Sourcing, and Sustainability in the Kitchen.

Innovation and Mindset

As the culinary world continues to simultaneously globalise and localise food consumption, it is imperative for stakeholders throughout the food industry to pay more focus on the sustainability implications of food production, preparation, and consumption. The food industry is increasingly recognising the importance and its ability to create an environmental effort through various sustainable food practices leveraging on technology innovation and mindset shift.

Speaking on Innovation and Mindset:

  • Nina Tan – Managing Director, Business Intelligence and 8nalytics Pte Ltd
  • Zuraimi bin Jumaat – Executive Director, Pure and Good Management Pte Ltd; Gerald Chew, Former General Counsel, Delfi Limited
  • Roderic Proniewski – Wine Specialist, Asia Wine Network

The conversation centres around topics relating to innovative design for renewable and biodegradable resources in the food industry. A key education point in this segment is on the subject of sustainable wines as oenophiles are becoming more conscious with what goes into each bottle.

World Gourmet Summit 2019: For better food-waste management and plastic-free environment - Alvinology

Sustainable Sourcing

The World Gourmet Summit 2019 Sustainability Forum spotlights on the topic of Sustainable Sourcing, discussing issues on responsible sourcing and sustainable produce, with special emphasis on sustainability standards and certification.

The panel of speakers in this segment are:

  • Sheryl Torres-Wu – Program Director, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  • Kenny Eng – Former President, Kranji Countryside Association and Director, Gardenesia
  • Dalilah Ghazalay – Regional Director, Southeast Asia – Marketing, Programs and Operations, U.S. Dairy Export Council (MSDEC)

They will discuss the important role chefs play insourcing sustainably, as well as how the food industry can empower consumers to be more environmental-conscious of their consumption behaviour.

Sustainability in the Kitchen

Conversations surrounding sustainability in the gastronomic world have no doubt focus largely on partners restaurants work with, first and foremost, such as in agricultural practices and production. However, to effect positive change on sustainability in the food industry, it is also imperative for stakeholders to look into operating a restaurant in a more sustainable manner.

Speakers of this segment are:

  • Jeffery Soh – Managing Director, Fabristeel
  • Oliver Truesdale-Jutras – Head Chef, Open Farm Community
  • Rudolf Kitzbichler – Managing Director, Meiko

Each speaker will share their personal take on challenges and solutions relating to food-waste and carbon footprint management, as well as various strategies and technologies the industry is implementing to achieve a healthy bottom line without compromising on environmental preservation.

Discover the best in the culinary world and for latest updates on World Gourmet Summit 2019 here.

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