Loving KFC’s morning perk-me-ups? Then you must try this newest breakfast addition, available just for a limited-run. It’s the Cheesy Chicken Ham Twister, wrapped-up and hammed-up perfectly just for you.

A popular perennial combination, ham and cheese is the go-to breakfast choice for a hearty, comforting morning fix. With the Cheesy Chicken Ham Twister, they’ve rolled layers of lush, fluffy scrambled eggs with a slice of savoury chicken ham and generous drizzles of KFC’s signature cheese sauce, then wrapped this heavenly concoction all up in a cocoon of a lightly toasted tortilla.

Now, you have the perfect Singaporean breakfast in a time-saving and ultra-portable package during morning rush! After all, never compromise taste and quality for convenience, amirite?

And of course, this means you get to hit that snooze button just a few times more. Neat, huh?

The new Cheesy Chicken Ham Twister will be available at all 68 KFC outlets serving breakfast. It is only available during breakfast hours till 11am.

The Cheesy Chicken Ham Twister costs $4 (Dine-In and Takeaway) à la carte.

The Twister Meal includes one Twister (Cheesy Chicken Ham/ Original Recipe/ American), one hash brown and one regular Iced Milo. Price – $5.65 (Dine-In and Takeaway)