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Seven Naturally Beautiful Places in the World to Visit

The world is full of beautiful and popular destinations in places like ancient buildings in Greece, Italy, and Egypt. But then, while man has built some genuinely spectacular structures, they’re nothing compared to nature’s own creations.

These locations will literally have you flying at the edge of your seat on the plane, as you munch on some peanuts and anticipate your arrival at these fantastic destinations. Although there are a lot of beautiful places in the world to visit, this is our own list of the top 7 most beautiful places in the world you should visit at least once.


The Grand Canyon in Colorado: The Grand Canyon enjoys up to 5 million visits per year. The number of people who flock there every year to appreciate the sights is understandable, considering how incredible it is. Over one mile deep and 18 miles wide, it was gradually carved into the wonder it is today by the Colorado River. This amazing sight is a must-see for everyone.


Blue Ridge Mountains: John Denver admired the beauty of these beautiful mountains in his song, and it’s not difficult to see why. Known for the blue atmosphere around them when they are viewed from a distance, the Blue Ridge Mountains stretch from Georgia, all the way to Pennsylvania. The best way to fully appreciate their beauty is on the Blue Ridge Parkway Hike Trail that runs along them.


Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia: Even though this salt flat is the largest in the world, that’s not what makes it such an exciting destination. Pools of water left behind by the rain shimmer its winter-frozen surface to create a great sky-mirror. When viewed from afar, it creates a mirror image of the sky and creates the illusion of a double horizon.


Kuang Si Falls in Laos: The falls have some of the clearest waters in the world, showing the ground beneath them in a warm blue hue. Even more exciting is the way the water falls by cascading on the landscape, forming three layers of water-falling wonder.


Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming: The grand prismatic spring is a natural pool of water with clear, rainbow-colored water. The multi-colors are as a result of the way the sunlight hits the water surface, giving off a truly spectacular illusion of a rainbow on the ground.


The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan: The door to hell is a geyser, aptly named for the way burning lava surrounds the area in a pool. The door to hell looks like the name suggests, and it’s a wonderful place to visit, both to enjoy the wonder of nature and to reflect on the transcendent nature of life.


Moraine Lake in Canada: The lake is surrounded by tall mountains, large and powerful waterfalls, and beautiful green vegetation. However, that’s not all. Glaciers also feed its water when they melt in the summer. The melted glaciers give the water a beautiful shimmer as it changes colors.

The seven wonders of the world aren’t the only breathtaking sights on earth. The planet is full of beautiful and inspiring scenery that will keep any traveler occupied for decades.

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