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5 Reasons to Consider Tea as Your Post-Workout Buddy

Drinking loose leaf tea comes with many advantages, many of which aren’t limited to taste and health preferences. Apart from assisting you to tackle sleeping issues, regular brew consumption can also aid your workout results.
If you are working out, the brew is an excellent addition to your everyday regimen, as it’s something you can prepare within a couple of minutes. For decades, people have used tea bags to prepare their favorite drink thanks to its fantastic taste and many health benefits.

Another factor that helps to make tea more appealing is that you have hundreds of varieties to choose from, and tons of ways to use in preparing it.

Consuming Tea After a Workout

After tens of studies, researchers have concluded that tea consumption comes with many healthy and refreshing properties. They are properties you will want to consider when shopping at an online tea and coffee shop.
Some of the top benefits of consuming tea after working out include:

1. Tea Boosts Endurance

As you shop for tea bags online, you ought to note that this brew contains antioxidants. The antioxidants play a critical role in enhancing how your body gets to handle physical strain during and after the workout.
The primary role of these antioxidants is to soothe your muscles and provide them with the energy they need to enhance your workout or running schedule. Consumption of this brew, therefore, helps to burn the fat and convert it into a fuel source.

With time, this fuel source will enable the muscles to gain more endurance.

2. Lowers the Risk of a Heart Attack

Frequent brew consumption can help to drastically lower the risk of getting a heart attack. Tea not only assists in protecting your body against unwanted cardiovascular diseases, but it’s also known to assist in enhancing stamina.

One, however, needs to consume it regularly for them to benefit from an increase in body energy required to perform daily functions with ease.

3. Anti-inflammatory Compounds

Did you know that herbal tea contains important anti-inflammatory compounds? As you prepare to buy herbal tea online, you should note that it comes with anti-inflammatory compounds that will lower your inflammation levels and accompanying reactions.

Inflammations are a common occurrence in almost all modern ailments and are, thus, not restricted to muscle fatigue associated with intense workouts. When you consume this brew, you also get to ensure you’re protected from ailments such as depression, metabolic syndrome, and arthritis.

4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Researchers have spent years researching the benefits associated with the consumption of tea. Among the benefits they have discovered is that it helps to lower cholesterol levels by a significant margin.

Apart from helping you keep your weight in check, the brew also prevents the absorption of this substance from your large intestine. If you’re looking to lose weight, you may want to consider adding a few cups of this tea to your everyday post-workout regime.

5. A Good Source of Hydration

After a long day spent attending to clients in the office, or after working out for a few hours in the gym, the body is bound to become dehydrated. When this occurs, you need to rehydrate your body, and there’s no better option than by drinking a good homebrew.

While many opt to drink water, tea is considered the best as it not only helps you to remain in tip-top shape, but it also provides you with many beneficial properties. It’s a brew known to provide the body with varying flavors and nutrients.

Post-Workout Buddy: Loose Leaf Tea as a Top Choice

Post-workout hydration is quite significant. You need it for you to beat dehydration and for the body to recover after engaging it in a crushing workout. Most people choose to ingest protein shakes and other drinks after working out.

Their reasoning is that protein enables the body to recover while at the same time promoting weight loss. But did you know that shopping for herbal tea online can also help with your recovery after working out?

Green drinks are routinely favored by individuals looking to shed off excess weight. And this is because it provides many additional health benefits. Additionally, it doesn’t have a lot of caffeine and comes with the L-theanine amino acid.

The amino acid works synergistically with the little caffeine in the brew to enhance brain function. Also contained in it are polyphenols known to reduce inflammation, not forgetting the Catechin, referred to as EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate).

EGCG is a naturally occurring antioxidant that assists in preventing cell damage that may arise after engaging in intense workouts. Apart from the five reasons discussed earlier, further reasons why consumption of this brew is a good decision include:

  • It boosts metabolism: EGCG helps increase the body’s metabolism after a workout, thereby allowing the body to burn more calories.
  • Relaxation Effect: Gulping down a cup of this brew helps to significantly reduce your heart rate, which is likely to be high post-workout.
  • Guilt-free low calorie-drink: One of the reasons why people who work out don’t drink tea is because of its calorie makeup. However, you don’t have to worry about this as the brew has negligible calories that won’t negatively impact your workout.

On average, herbal tea contains around forty milligrams of caffeine for each cup. You can, therefore, consume two cups of this brew post-workout each day and get to enjoy immense benefits

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