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Tips for Women Travelling to Europe Alone

In the recent years the number of women travelling to different destinations has increased rapidly. However, the number of women travelling alone to Europe has increased significantly than in other regions of the world. Nonetheless, in many societies women are consider to be lesser than men hence some face abuse from men. Thus, if you are a woman and you are planning to travel alone you should consider the following tips for your safety while on your vacation or business trip in Europe.

Therefore, the following are tips for women who are planning to travel solo to Europe.


Currently, many women drive cars, hence, this should not be a problem for any woman travelling alone to Europe. Nevertheless, if you are alone it is more advisable for you to know more about public transport in Europe. How it works and costs. I know you are not going to stay in one country or city during your entire vacation. Ensure you study about the public transport keenly. On the other hand, if you don’t want to use public transport you reserve a rental car affordably at Easyrentcars.

Mind Your Dressing

Tips for Women Travelling to Europe Alone - Alvinology

I know we come from different continents or societies, however, as woman you should be cautious on what you dress at any moment. More especially when you are in a new continent or country. So, ensure while travelling in Europe your dress code is conservative. In addition, don’t dress suggestively this may not pleasant to everyone. Also, don’t wear expensive clothes or ornaments you might become target for muggers. For your own safety while in Europe ensure you maintain a simple dressing code.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

You are alone and you don’t know anyone around. However, I know you might want to have a drink or two. But ensure you don’t consume to much alcohol that will make you vulnerable to men around you. Not only men but also thieves may have seen the amount of money you have. So, while in Europe alone ensure you don’t drink too much alcohol.

Always Communicate Home

Tips for Women Travelling to Europe Alone - Alvinology

Communication is always important in any event. It doesn’t matter you are going to the shop or visiting your friend you must always tell someone you are leaving to a certain place. This is no different to you as woman travelling to Europe alone. Ensure you always communicate back home on your day to day activity while in Europe. In addition, you need to inform some of your close friends about your travel. Hence, when you get in trouble one might easily know where you are. Don’t make your travel a secret.

Ask for Help at Any Moment

No man is perfect and at any point you might need the help of someone. So, while in Europe ensure you always ask for help when need arises. Don’t do everything by yourself because sometimes you might not be right. In addition, Europe has different cultures and asking for help is always necessary if you are new to Europe. Hence, don’t shy to ask for help at any moment.

Don’t Be Good to Everyone

I know you want to be good and welcoming to every local while in Europe. However, remember you are a woman and alone in a foreign continent. Making new friend is advisable but ensure you don’t be good to everyone in the streets. Some pretend but want to steal from you. So, while in Europe ensure you don’t be the best tourist to everyone you meet. At a times being some how serious makes people with bad intentions not to approach you.

Ensure You have Photocopies of Your Identification Cards

Tips for Women Travelling to Europe Alone - Alvinology

This tip is surely what you should consider before you leave for Europe. Prepare photocopies of your passports and other identification cards. This will help you in case you lose your identification cards by mistake. In addition, remember you are in a new continent and rules are different so always have photocopies of your identification cards.

Do Research Before Travelling

I know you might be visiting more than one destination in Europe. So, before leaving for your vacation you need to do research of the places you are going to visit. Remember you are alone and you might forget somethings. You should research about the security of the destinations you are going to tour during your vacation. Rather than security you should know if they have easy access to international services such as airport or international banks.

Record Your Day to Day Activities

Its important to record your daily activities while in Europe. You are alone when you return back home will need to know how good Europe is. So, during your travel ensure you have a journal where you record data of what you see in various countries, cities, or towns.

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