Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore and Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore have partnered with treatsure to address the topic of excess food from buffet spreads. treatsure allows the two hotels to connect with like-minded people on the reallocation of excess food resources to people who would treasure them and minimise food wastage.

Priced at $10+, diners can enjoy great value and wide international selections at the well-known Buffet restaurants, namely J65 at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, and [email protected] at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore. Takeaway boxes used are made from ethically sourced raw materials.

Both hotels have taken noteworthy steps to reduce consumption of resources, such as paperless registration, providing guests’ free access to PressReader for digital newspapers and magazines and encouraging reduced frequency of laundering of bedsheets and towels. Shared pitchers of infused water are provided for meetings, also water is provided in the hotel lobbies for guests to refill their water bottles. Plastic straws have been replaced by biodegradable straws and only recycled bags are provided.

At Tanglin Singapore, the unused backyard has been transformed into a spice garden replete with tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices used at J65. At Orchardgateway Singapore, the hotel has three sky gardens, each landscaped with flowers, plants and trees that are native to Singapore as well as a spice garden that grows herb and spices used at [email protected]

J65, Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Breakfast, Lunch, Saturday High Tea and Sunday Brunch at are $10+ per box, while Dinners are at $11.20+ per box. (Wednesday Dinners are excluded from the program)

[email protected], Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore

Breakfast, Semi-buffet Lunch, and Dinners at are $10+ per box.

Cold food selections such as seafood on ice, sushi, and sashimi are excluded to minimise food safety risks at both hotels. At Orchardgateway Singapore, selections from the Salad and Dessert buffet are available for the Semi-Buffet Lunch. Ice cream is not included.