Cheese Tea Bakery Nayuki (奈雪の茶) will be opening its first overseas store at Vivocity in Singapore on 8 Dec, 2018, and there will be a 1-for-1 promotion to celebrate!

Curious as to what to expect? Here’s a video walk-through during a media preview for the store earlier last week:

Widely known as the pioneer of the fruit tea and soft-euro bread pairing concept, Nayuki’s success has led and inspired a wave of tea bakeries emerging across China and other parts of the region. Today, under its joint
venture with BreadTalk Group, Nayuki will be opening their first international store in Singapore at Vivocity.

The Nayuki Story

Nayuki first begun with the founders’ appreciation of the tea-drinking culture that has become an integral part of the Chinese culture for almost 5000 years. To keep the tradition vibrant and alive amongst the younger generation, they sought to make tea drinking appealing through Nayuki’s stylish and modern concept.

On top of serving a wide collection of vibrant and delicious fruits-based cheese teas and soft-euro bakes, Nayuki offered consumers an extraordinary tea café concept that was an intriguing choice amongst the usual international coffee chains like Starbucks. In fact, their outlets in China are usually at the same locations where there are Starbucks.

The Nayuki formula proved to be successful, with snaking queues wherever an outlet opened in China. The brand, which revolutionised the idea of complementing fresh fruit blended premium teas with soft-euro bakes in a stylish tea café concept, even made national news by opening 150 directly-owned stores in 2 years. This earned the brand a reputation for “The Nayuki Veloci-tea”(奈雪速度), a term coined by the media which drew reference to Shenzhen Speed, a metaphor to describe the fast and growing pace of life in the city.

Today, Nayuki has attained a cult status, with over 100 stores across China and is enamoured by fans including celebrities and international lifestyle brands who have come forward to partner with them.

Pouring Our Hearts into Every Nayuki Cup

With its patrons at the heart of everything it does, Nayuki draws inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen; the dedication to continuous improvement. This is reflected in all aspects of Nayuki to ensure patrons only experience the best – from the café’s sophisticated yet comfortable sit-down concept, to its carefully selected premium tea leaves.

This is also evident in the intricate packaging design. Unknown to most, Nayuki revolutionised the novelty tea industry when the brand founder developed the slim cup that many tea brands use today (this cup design is currently used by many other tea brands like LiHo in Singapore). Perfected after 18 tries, the cup is ergonomically moulded to fit the grip of a smaller, more delicate Asian hand. Additionally, the lid is also carved at a specific angle so ladies do not have to worry about lipstick stains on the cup. With this feature, the beverage can be enjoyed without the use of straws.

Strawberry Goodness with Nayuki’s Signatures

At Nayuki, the signature products are the Supreme Cheese Strawberry tea and Strawberry Blush Mystique – a strawberry fresh cream bread. These products are so immensely popular that the brand invested in a strawberry field to ensure premium strawberries of consistent quality are available all year round in their home country.

For chocolate lovers, there is also the Oreo version to choose from – the Dark Oreo Mystique.

A Nayuki Exclusive: Award-Winning Alisan Mountain Dew Tea

Exclusively available at Nayuki flagship outlet is the Cheese Ali Mountain Dew. This premium Alisan Mountain Dew tea gained its well-deserved recognition at the Taiwan Winter Tea Competition 2017. The tea buds are handpicked with precision before sunrise when the leaves are still covered in morning dew, giving the tea a natural hint of sweetness. The tea buds are then roasted at a low temperature for 40 hours to bring out its floral scent.

More details on Nayuki Singapore are available on the Official Facebook Page: Nayuki 奈雪 Singapore or their Official Instagram Page: @nayukisg.

Nayuki @ Vivocity

Vivocity, #01-207
1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm