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Eat & Draw Local to Win a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 for #ProjectRESGIcons

Eat & Draw Local to Win a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 for #ProjectRESGIcons

12 Mar, 2015 Update: Congratulations to Adelyn Khoo Wei Ting! You are the winner for this giveaway and we will be contacting you via email on the prize collection details. 

Submitted on 2015/02/23 at 1:32 am Hi Alvinology, Interesting post! I would like to rediscover the iconic Mustafa Centre. Every time I hear of my overseas friends talking about Singapore, they would never fail to mention late-night shopping at Mustafa Centre. But I don’t like to go there much due to the large crowds, so this is a good opportunity for me to rediscover the good points of Mustafa Centre. 🙂 Then, I can recommend more of my overseas friends to go there too! 🙂 Liked and shared on Facebook (adelynkhoowt). #AlvinologyLenovo #ProjectRESGIcons Cheers Adelyn

Last week, I was tagged by my friend, Ai Sakura, to accept the #ProjectRESGIcons challenge. I accept the challenge and here is my attempt at documenting Singapore’s culinary heritage in a fun and educational way together with my son, Asher.

As part of the#ProjectRESGIcons challenge, the task is to look at some of the familiar icons in Singapore and see if I can create something new from it – REdiscover, REimagine and REcreate something with Singapore’s icons that has helped to make it what it is today.

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For my challenge, I used the Lenovo Yoga Tablet to snap photos of culinary delights around the island and then transform them into digital sketches together with my son Asher.

Long time readers of this blog will know that I used to harbour ambitions to become a full-time artist. Check out some of my old artworks on deviantart or this other blog.

I still draw casually now and then. When the Draw Something game was trending globally, it was one of the few online games which I played fervently to show off my speed drawing skills on a digital screen.

Digital sketches are really fun. All I need is my Lenovo Yoga Tablet and my fingers. That’s it! No messy paint tubes or dirty brushes.

Here’s how to go about it, step-by-step.

1. Download a drawing app (I would recommend SketchBook by Autodesk – it’s free and pretty awesome)

2. Snap a photo of an awesome local dish

3. Import the photo into the app as the bottom layer

4. Create a new layer and draw on top of the photo

5. When drawing, start with the bottom colours first and work upwards for best effects – eg. colour the plate first before colouring the food on top of it.

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6. That’s it! Even a little boy like Asher can learn to do this and have fun learning about our culinary heritage along the way!

At first, the sketches may look like this:

It will take a while to get the the hang of it, but once you start, you can’t stop because it is really fun and easy-to-do. So easy you can do it together with your little ones.

Here are four dishes found in Singapore which I did quick sketches (no more than 5 minute per sketch) on:

Can you guess what they are?

Here are the original photos:

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 is perfect for digital drawing on-the-go. The shape is built to allow us to use it in four different ways – Stand, Tilt, Hold and Hang. Find the angle most comfortable to you for drawing. I like to Tilt it this way:

The battery life is really awesome, lasting up to 18 hours without charging. You can sit by the sea for the whole day to draw the scenery and not be worried about the battery going flat!

The camera feature is pretty nifty as you can see from the shots above. There is also a rear camera, which boasts an f2.2 wide-aperture lens, advanced glare-reducing glass, and a BSI 2 sensor.

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Just like my friend Ai Sakura, I had so much fun using the tablet for my #ProjectRESGIcons challenge that just for my readers and friends, I’ve ONE Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10″ {Android} worth S$599 to giveaway! For full product information, visit the Lenovo Singapore website.

Giveaway Method: Best Facebook Share/Comment

1. Be a Lenovo Singapore Facbook page fan

2. Be a Alvinology Facebook page fan

3. Like & Share this post with the hashtags, #AlvinologyLenovo and#ProjectRESGIcons on Facebook and tag a friend. Make sure your post is public so I can find it!

4. Leave me a blog comment telling me which Singapore icon you want to rediscover & why + FB name you used to like the pages.

* Open to Singapore residents only.
* Ends Sunday, 22 Feb 2015 2359hrs {Singapore time} 
* Incomplete or inappropriate entries will be deemed invalid and will not be included.
* Winner will be notified via email with further instructions on how to collect prize. Winner have 2 days to reply, or the prize will be redrawn.
* Alvinology is not responsible for any prizes lost, damaged or misplaced in delivery.

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Alvin is a marketer by day and blogger by night. He is a 100% geek who spends too much time surfing the web.


  1. jrloh

    The dragon playground at Toa Payoh. I would like to bring my kids to this traditional playground where I used to have fun during childhood days. It hard to find such playground with sand play in Singapore now.

  2. Joleen Ng

    One singapore icon i wished to revisit is Singa the courtesy lion. I want to bring my kids and show them the way to be courteous the way I was taught. My fb id is Joleen Ng

  3. Oscar Chee

    I’d like to re-imagine The Merlion. While keeping the lion head and the fish body intact, l would work on re-designing its body with orchid motifs and giving its eye glare a different touch.

    FB Name: Oscar Chee

  4. Shu Rong

    I would love to rediscover the last standing kampong in singapore, kampong buangkok. Singapore has been moving and changing rapidly that we miss out the kampong spirit. Being born in the very early 90s, I wasn’t able to experience kampong life but had heard so much wonderful stories from the early generations. I used to stay in an estate where we can leave our door open the whole day without having to worry about anything, and also have a strong relationship with neighbors around us offering food etc, now neighbours don’t even interact. Being in an kampung environment will definitely evoke many thoughts 🙂 FB name: Shu Rong

  5. Ada Thong

    I will like to re-discover Singa the courtesy Lion. He’s my favourite icon since young and teach us good manners I will like to share with my two kids now and tell them to learn to be a good person with good character

    Fb: Ada Thong

  6. Cecilia Chng

    The Singapore icon I want to rediscover is Esplanade because that used to be the dating place that my husband and I go. FB name : Cecilia Chng

  7. Esther L Chng

    The Singapore Flyer. FB Name : Esther L Chng

  8. Ashley Tan

    Would love to visit the Dinosaurs Playground at Kim Keat because my gal just told me this yesterday, ‘Dinosaur! Roar! Roar!’ when i pick her up from school. I guess it will be quite fun to bring her there while I reminisce on my childhood.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Facebook: Ashley Tan

  9. Farida Ellias

    The Queenstown Library which is the oldest library in Singapore.It gone through a lot of changes and would like to revisit the library:)

  10. Janette Tan

    Hi Alvin

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Besides Palau Ubin, Kampung Buangkok is another place in our island that I’d wish to rediscover and reminisce my childhood days. I used to live in a Kampung in Hougang Seven Mile with by my grandma. It was a wooden house and we had to draw water from the well. We reared ducks and chickens and we grow our own vegetables for consumption. Life was very simple back then but that was the happiest days in my life and I enjoyed the freedom of running around the kampung and playing with the other children. We could catch fishes by the river, feed the ducks in the pond and climb trees to pluck rambutan, mangoes, guava and other wild fruits. I missed those thick kampung spirits where all the door of our neighbours are always keep open and everyone knows one another.

    Happy Valentines Day and wishing you a very prosperous CNY 🙂

    Janette Tan

  11. Grace Tan

    Liked and Shared (FB: Grace Tan), and now… what I’d like to rediscover, actually something I’d be likely to draw a decent picture of: the infamous ERP gantries! 😀 Yes! While hated by most drivers, the ERP system has actually helped manage road usage and our traffic jams are not as horrid as in some of our neighboring countries (you’ve been to Indonesia, you know what I mean). The challenge now is in portraying it in a more ‘acceptable’ way. Everyone has to admit that the ERP gantry is definitely one very ‘Uniquely Singapore(an)’ icon. 😀


  12. Mohd.Shahrim Bin Mahmud

    I like to reimagine the Merlion into something funky and out of this world!Facebook:shahrim.mahmud

  13. yam

    FB ( Sue Yam )

    I’d like to rediscover the oldest playground to revisit back to my childhood days

  14. Joy Yeo

    I want to rediscover the dragon playground. Miss the good old days.
    ID: Joy Yeo

  15. Kelly Phu

    I would like to re-discover Singa the courtesy lion as it teaches me to have good manners, to be polite to people.

    Facebook name: Kelly phu

  16. Ah Chan

    I would like to re-discover the old Satay Club. Life used to be so simple and carefree. Having satay and chatting with a group of kakis at the Satay Club was extremely enjoyable.

    Facebook name: Ah Chan

  17. Jamie Chaw

    I wish to bring my “ang moh” Indian American husband and my 2 kids to rediscover esplanade!!! Reason is to expose my 2 young kids to my LOVE for DURIANS and make my hubby fall in love with durians too. (he says it stinks like sewege) we will pick a spot and lay a picnic mat while eating yummyliscious durians + taking in the breathtaking view of the “durian shape” esplanade… Fb: Jamie chaw

  18. Kathy Woon-Tan

    As a mother of two, I love to rediscover Singa the Courtesy Lion..
    Remembered growing up is so happy & we simply adore Singa, we were all not really taught of basic courtesy but its in us naturally.. its e spirit of Singa! Singa really brought back those nostalgic feel n Kampong Spirit which is definitely a big Icon of SG50

    Wow.. can imagine doing what I used to do… drawing Singa..on the drawing apps you recommend… using my new Lenovo Yoga Tablet… so awesome!

    FB Name: Kathy Woon-Tan

  19. Kathy Woon-Tan

    I love Singa e Courtesy Lion since young.. This Singapore Icon is one that brings alot of great memories, from the songs, the drawings to the visits in school.. our generation we were not really taught about basic courtesy we just had it in us.. this Singa spirit definitely bring joy n laughter, super n Kampong feel.. great caring for one another naturally, from our heart!

    Wow wish I can draw Singa on this drawing apps n recreate with my kids on this awesome Lenovo Yoga Tablet! ♡♡♡

    FB Name: Kathy Woon-Tan

  20. geoz88

    I would to rediscover the Merlion because it is our mascot and national personification of Singapore and it is the pride and love of Singapore FB Name: Ng TingHan

  21. Ng Puay Choo

    I would like to rediscover The Fountain of Wealth which is the largest fountain in the world. In fact, the shopping and office district was constructed in accordance to Feng Shui principles. The 5 towering office blocks are designed to represent a left hand’s fingers, with the fountain sitting in the middle of the “palm”, symbolizing wealth. And during certain periods of the day, visitors are invited to walk around the fountain’s base for good luck. At night, the fountain comes alive with spectacular laser performances and song dedications. What better way to usher in the Lunar New Year than to rediscover the Fountain of Wealth and bring luck and prosperity to the family

  22. Ng Puay Choo

    I would like to rediscover The Fountain of Wealth which is the largest fountain in the world. In fact, the shopping and office district was constructed in accordance to Feng Shui principles. The 5 towering office blocks are designed to represent a left hand’s fingers, with the fountain sitting in the middle of the “palm”, symbolizing wealth. And during certain periods of the day, visitors are invited to walk around the fountain’s base for good luck. At night, the fountain comes alive with spectacular laser performances and song dedications. What better way to usher in the Lunar New Year than to rediscover the Fountain of Wealth and bring luck and prosperity to the family
    FB Name: Ng Puay Choo

  23. Charlotte

    I would like to visit the Tanjong Pagar Railway since I’ve never been there before and it’s a historical place. It’s probably the only railway station that is existing now.

    • Charlotte

      Oops, FB name: Charlotte Chin

  24. Anonymous

    Downtown East “Escape”. 15years ago, I went there with my schoolmate. How I wish the “Escape” is still around cause I can bring my 3 kiddos there, at least “Escape is more afforable than USS.

    FB Name : Jolin Lim Rui Yin

  25. Benjamin Kok

    I want to rediscover the SINGAPORE GIRL! She’s iconic, timeless, and such a classic! There must be a reason why Madame Tussauds has only chosen 1 airline stewardess over all these years, right?

  26. fr3ako

    I want to discover Haw Par Villa! I’ve been there when I was young but haven’t gotten the opportunity to revisit that place. My facebook name is Jo Lee

  27. Koh Lee Gek

    I would like to rediscover Mr. Kiasu!

    “Everything Also I Want”: with those four words, Mr. Kiasu was introduced to Singaporeans just over 20 years ago. (How time flies…) He’s someone who dreamt about sales, discounts and basically tried every free sample available at any supermarket! In other words, Mr. Kiasu was the typical Singaporean, someone possessed with the fear of losing out.

    The word “kiasu” officially entered the Oxford English Dictionary and even McDonald’s created a culinary classic called “The Kiasu Burger,” ((chicken burger with EXTRA mayo and “Kiasu” spices)!

    We are well-know for being kaisu world-wide, but what’s wrong with having kiasu-ism? Like now, I don’t want to miss the chance to win a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 and quickly participate.

    Facebook Name: Koh Lee Gek

  28. Casy Ang

    Hi Alvinology​ <3 

    The Singapore icon I want to rediscover is Kampong Glam because I love quaint and historical things. This place was recommended by my Malay's friends and we discover that it was amazing place to explore and experience Malay cultures & architectures too.

    Done Liked, Shared & Participated

    FB name: Casy Ang

    Lenovo Singapore​ #AlvinologyLenovo #ProjectRESGIcons #like #share #win #giveaway #contest #tag

  29. Rachael Yin

    Tanjong Pagar railway station because it is gone and I never had a chance to visit it when I was young. It is a pity that after 79 years in operation, it had to be shut down.

    Facebook name : Rachael Yin

  30. Fen

    I would like to rediscover the Merlion! It’s one of the oldest, yet most timeless / everlasting icons of all time and tourists the world over still recognise it and swarm to see it and the MBS can’t beat its symbolism. My FB name: Massimina Ferny

  31. Bao Hui

    I want to rediscover Mosaic PLAYGROUNDS! My favorite playgrounds are Dragon Playground of Toa Payoh, Watermelon playground along Pipit Road and Elephant playground at Pasir Ris Road.
    The playground is a place of magic for me or any child. When I was a kid, I remembered how my grandparents and parents brought me to these old playground and sat quietly watching me running wild and have fun with other children. We, a bunch of kids could climb, jump, swing and slide, and if I fall down, I may get bruises and graze my knee. Instead of crying, I would pick myself up and continue to play. I guess this is how my generation played in the old playground crazily!

    As age catches up with me, the playground hold a special place in my heart and these playgrounds represent the resilience that Singapore has shown as it grew from life in kampungs to public housing estates

    Facebook name: Bao Hui

    #AlvinologyLenovo and #ProjectRESGIcons

  32. Xiang sheng


    I would like to rediscover the cute and pink Sharity Elephant. Any kids (and parents too) in the 90s will not forget SharityElephant because its a yearly affair where students will get a donation card from Sharity Elephant during Children’s Day (Used to be every October 1st) to collect kind donations for the needychildren. But as time goes by, this mascort of donation, caring and sharing slowly fade into our memories. It was not until a few days back when i was doing a thorough spring cleaning that i found all the goodies from Sharity Elephant that i used to have when i was younger as well as a CD with all the soundtrack from Sharity Elephant. Thank God the CD was still in good condition and I decided to play it. All the good old memories just flooded in and I was actually dancing to the songs.

    Hope that the spirit of giving and sharing with the needy still persist in the society even with the gone of Shairty Elephant. 🙂

    Facebook name: Xiang Sheng Teh

    #AlvinologyLenovo and #ProjectRESGIcons

  33. jazry chan

    Would like to rediscover old stamps. I always have good memories of peering into my father’s stamp books which he collected when he was a young boy!
    Fb: jazry chan

  34. Fathima Ifraanah Bte Mohd Shahrim

    I like to reimagine Big Splash.It use to be one of the old favourites attractions until it fell out of favour.I like to update this and make it the formost attraction of the future!!!

  35. Rahama Tunnisa d/o Abdul Latiff

    Jurong Reptile Park is the foremost park for reptiles and crocodiles.Nostalgic memories abound in my heydays.It is no longer around as new attractions abound.I like to see the ressurection into something unique in some form or the other in the near future!!

  36. Ong Peck Har

    Fb: Peck Ong

    I’ll like to rediscover Kusu Island with its temple and tortoises with my children. My parents used to bring my siblings and me to Kusu Island for an annual pilgrimage. I’ve vague, but fond memories of running around the temple and feeding the tortoises with my siblings. Nowadays, we have stopped visiting the island and the most of the younger generations might not even know of its existence. I hope to bring my kids to explore Kusu Island and show them this almost forgotten island.

  37. Juliana Sng

    I wish someone or government entity will rediscover Haw Par Villa. It will be awesome to introduce the locals and foreigners to this quirky local attraction. Filled with sculptures of characters from Chinese folklores and history, it can be both intriguing and creepy to first timers. Haw Par Villa was set up to teach and instil moral values to young children by scaring them with gory scenes in the 18 Courts of Hell. It was effective by the way.

    FB: Juli Sng

  38. Michael Goh

    Many years back, I had visited Merlion Park before it was renovated. During that time, there was only 1 big statue of Merlion. Had heard from my friends and saw online photos of a smaller version of the Merlion located inside of the park. I will like to rediscover Merlion Park and see the difference after all these years.

    FB Name: Michael Goh
    FB Link:

  39. Lai Zheng Wei

    i would love to rediscover Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew!
    Because he is our founding father of modern Singapore. Without him, we might still be living in a fishing village and this giveaway might not even exist!


  40. Yu Meiyi

    Would like to bring my child to the Dragon playground at Toa Payoh as there was one such playground near my estate where I had frequented when I was a kid- had loads of fun even though it was just a simple playground. Would like my child to experience part of my “playground experience”.

    FB: Yu Meiyi

  41. Vincent Lee Wee Ping

    FB name : Vincent Lee Wee Ping

    I would like to rediscovery the farms in Singapore. Singapore has become so urban that people has forgotten the old Kampong days and farms.

    i would go to D’Kranji Farm Resort to rediscover this item. there is no need to travel out of singapore to experience farm life. you can stay at the farm resort and experience it.

    It’s not very bad, only 5 hectares but it is enough for me to rediscover and i can use the Yoga to draw the farm life

  42. Ong G.p.

    Kampong days as I always read about it but never get to experience it. FB: G.p. Ong

  43. Evelyn Foo

    I’d like to rediscover the last Kampong in Singapore! It’s full of histories that should be shared with the Singaporeans.

    FB Name: Evelyn Foo

  44. sim shin ying

    I would like to rediscover pulau ubin. I think the pace of life there is slower and alot more relaxing. Most importantly, it hints alittle at how life was back in the past-the kampong style, and kinds of bring back good old memories for my family. I guess rediscovering any of the singapore icon would be awesome as long as I do it with my family members and loved ones and pulau ubin is an awesome place for the old and the young:)

    Fb name: Shin ying

  45. Muhammad Irman

    Hi Alvinology!

    I’d like to rediscover Har Par Villa because this is one of a kind ‘iconic’ place that allows everyone to discover, experience and learn the Chinese mythology (folklore, legends, history, and illustrations) of various aspects of Confucianism. It can also be scary place for children too since it features gruesome depictions of Hell in Chinese mythology and Buddhism and educates them on the importance of not stealing, lying and lusting after women!
    A fun place for tourist and locals to explore!

    Liked + Shared + Joined!

    Facebook Name: Irman Yazid

    ​ #AlvinologyLenovo #ProjectRESGIcons #Win #Giveaway #Contest

  46. Wendy Tay

    I would like to rediscover Haw Par Villa with my kids because it left a deep impression on me when my parents brought me there when I was young.
    The mythical legends and chinese folklores that I’ve read and my mum told me seemed to ‘come alive’ as we toured the place.
    It may be bit scary for young kids but there is some educational values in the sense that it sends a message about karma, and cause-and-effect relationship – 有因必有果.

    FB: Wendy Tay

  47. richardtay2008

    I’d like to rediscover the World’ amusement parks, it was another entertainment playground for Singaporeans and tourists alike. Opened by George Lee Geok Eng in 1936, it was originally known as Happy World and catered to families. There was a multicultural mix of shows like the wayang, bangsawan (Malay opera), the circus as well as sporting matches. Along with New World and Great World, it was also turned into a gambling den during the Japanese Occupation. Renamed Gay World in 1966, the crowd returned in throngs but unfortunately, business was not as good before. While most tenants vacated by March 31, 2000, other tenants like the Datoh Rajah Theatre and Cabaret continued to stay open for their loyal patrons. Gay World, the last of the Worlds amusement parks, was eventually demolished in 2001. A cement plant currently occupies the site.

  48. SK Tan

    I would like to re-discover the old Satay Club. Bring back a lot of memories.

    FB: SK Tan

  49. Go

    The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool. I booked a room at MBS during last December in a bid to finally experience the famous pool as a Singaporean, for the very first time. However, it was the wrong season to try visit the pool for 2 reasons:

    1. It was the monsoon season.
    There was no sunshine on the day I was there, and it was extremely windy and gloomy. It kept raining on and off – making me run out of the pool in and out!! I hardly could lie down and try to pretend to soak in the (imaginary) sunshine for 5 minutes.

    2. It was the peak holiday season.
    So there were A LOT OF PEOPLE – tourists outnumbered locals and I felt that I was not in Singapore anymore! There were just too many people to swim or take photos without being photobombed. It was basically standing room space only in the lap pool.

    Therefore I have made it a resolution to go back to the pool during a low peak season to try and have a relaxing day enjoying this Singapore icon again.

    FB name: Blair Go

  50. Ella Dalistan

    One of the interesting #iconsSG I would like to re-discover is “queueing-up”.. what was the first queue up? everybody has done it here in SG, may it be the Hello Kitty dolls to the latest gadgets 😀

    FB: Ella Dalistan

  51. Michelle Lim Xiu Hui

    I would like to rediscover the fast disappearing ‘mama’ shops – standalone kiosks at void deck where I will always pop by the kiosk to pick up a quick snack after school or or help my mummy to pick some groceries. These ‘mama’ shops have weathered the times since they started out as wall stores along shophouses in the 1950s. At their peak in 1983, there were about 600 such shops. Stiff competition from corporated chained stores and low demand from prospective operators has resulted in that dwindling numbers.

    I always go to the ‘mama’ shops to buy snacks and sweets after school. Hence, I have fond memories of chit chatting with the owner of ‘mama’ shops over school work. They are friendlier and there is also a sense of trust and closeness. Sometimes I do not bring enough money to pay for my snacks, and the ‘Mama’ shop uncle will allow to buy things on credit.


  52. Shirley Yong

    I would like to rediscover the Lau Pa Sat. It’s been at least 5 years since i last worked at Raffles Place and never patronised the food centre since. I also havn’t been back since they completed their renovation. Used to eat the fresh and very yummy Fish Soup Rice DAILY when i was preggy with my 2nd baby then.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    #AlvinologyLenovo #ProjectRESGIcons

    FB Name : Shirley Yong

  53. Rozeimah Abdul Wahab

    I’d like to rediscover Kampong Lorong Buangkok – the last surviving kampong on mainland Singapore. Houses made of wood with zinc roofs, and multi-racial families living together in harmony. Children playing and fishing at a big canal behind the village. This last surviving kampong has escaped the rapid urbanization of Singapore for now, but until when? Singapore has long since forgotten the “kampong spirit” with development of modern HDBflats. Families no longer mingle with neighbors and almost every door is shut when you walk pass the corridor. It’s a really sad situation now. I hope this kampong remains so I will still be able to share with my kids in the future when they’ve grown up and able to understand.

    FB Name: Rozei AW

  54. Rebecca Sim

    I would like to rediscover the beauty of trishaws. They bring back many childhood memories for me. As a child I always followed my grandma to the wet market. She would plonk me down in front of a fishball noodles stall and have the stall holder watch me eat my noodles while she went to get her buys. The best part of my marketing trips with Ah Ma was the trishaws rides we took home. Rain or shine, the trishaws took us safely home. I remember we paid 50 cents then. These days such rides are expensive and is a dying trade. Such a pity the younger generation does not get to experience it.

    FB name: Rebecca Sim

  55. Chen Zhengxiang

    I would like to rediscover the wet market and neighbourhood coffeeshops.
    There is something special and Singaporean about shopping at wet markets that is different from stepping into an air-conditioned supermarket.
    I like to think that it is the personal human touch when you make your purchases because you always buy from the same stall and the uncle recognises you and can even remember your usual orders/favourites.
    Supermarkets and ordering groceries online seems rather impersonal.
    However, with online grocery shopping (ie. convenience of delivery) and even 24 hour shopping at some stores and all the big chain supermarkets sprouting up all over the island, the younger generation do not seem to frequent the wet market. The people you usually see in the wet market are aunties and uncles.
    Some perks of buying at wet markets include discounts if you know the stallholder well and knowing you are getting fresh produce.
    The lenovo yoga tablet will be great for sketching the sights of a bustling wet market on a typical morning.

    #AlvinologyLenovo #ProjectRESGIcons

    FB Name: zheng.xiang.73

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  56. Joanna heng

    The rest of the part of Punggol as I’m now staying at Punggol so I want to find out more
    Facebook name : Cherry Joanna Heng

  57. CinCin Chong

    I would like to rediscover Haw Par Villa because my family and I have not been to Haw Par Villa before. When I was a kid, my parents had to work very hard and they did not had time or spare cash to bring my to local attractions. As a kid, I only heard and knew about Haw Par Villa from relatives, the news and TV. Recently, I watched a program featuring and introducing Haw Par Villa on local TV and it reminds me of how much I wanted to go to this place when I was young. I hope to bring my family to Haw Par Villa for a visit one day soon!

    Facebook name: Chong CinCin Qiuying

  58. Pang Pui Han

    I would love to ReDiscover Haw Par Villa because I have only been to the place once when I was very young, and could only be afraid then so did not manage to discover the beauty and idea of such a unique Singapore icon. I would like to create new and lasting memories at Haw Par Villa now!

    FB: Pui Han Pang

  59. Jane Hee

    I would like to rediscover Haw Par Villa because it’s a beautiful and interesting place, and I find it a pity that there are many Singaporeans and tourists did not have the chance to visit this place.

    Facebook: Jane Hee

  60. Chew Siew Khim

    I want to rediscover Medical Office which is an antique little pharmacy along Gey­lang Road. It appears to be an anachro­nism stuck in time. Two proprietors – elderly gentlemen are proud of the 100-year history of the shop and they have tried to keep things the way they have always been. There are a sea of untouched artifacts that are placed neatly around the shop such as ancient chinese weighing scale, old soaps, old medical supplies, tincture and ointments. Many appear to be no longer available for consumption. Likewise, traditional counter that used to serve customers is now a storage drawer where they keep large roll of wrapping sheets that were used to pack concoctions.

    I still remembered how I help my mother to run errand to buy medicine from Mr Foos (two elderly gentlemen) fortnightly. Since then, I have been patronizing their Medical Office from 1970s to till now, where they are still selling their house brand of prickly heat powder in which my mother (74 years old) is using now.

    100-year history of the shop will fade with the pair once their time here is done and I really hope to rediscover this place including artefacts through drawing a decent picture of the pair with the signboard.

    FB name: Chew Siew Khim

  61. Raj Kumar

    Hi Alvinology​

    The Singapore icon I want to rediscover is Kampong Glam because I love historical things. This place where i lived my memorable days here, we discover that it was amazing place to explore and experience Malay cultures & architectures too.

    FB name: Raj Kumar

  62. Komal Kavi

    I wish to rediscover Haw Par Villa. It is very introduction history via sculpture. the locals and foreigners love to know history of local attraction. Haw Par Villa was set up to teach and instill moral values to young children. It was effective by the way.

    FB: Komal Kavi

  63. Chandra Kumari

    I would like to rediscover Merlion Park. Its long time story when first time i came Singapore.First attraction i visited is Merlion, It seems me magestic Lion head with Fish body and a Water flowing from mouth.Looks so stunning.Till today Merlion is famous attraction for tourists.

    My FB name: Chandra Kumari

  64. Raj Kumar

    I would like to rediscover Pulau Ubin. Its long time i have never been there. Me and my friends go often on long weekends and have great fun there. I think rediscovering any of the Singapore icon would be awesome as long as I have good company and loving people around me.

    FB Name: Abay Kumar

  65. Lim Chock Sing

    I wish to rediscover Old River Valley Swimming Pool. I used to frequent the River Valley Swimming Pool for its length and depth since it was an Olympic-sized pool . My friends and I would try touching the bottom of the deep end or “sitting down” allowing ourselves to slowly sink to the bottom. Not many of us succeed as we could not hold our breathe for so long or take the pressure.

    River Valley Swimming Pool was closed in April 2003 and it was rebuild with a modern swimming pool. Nevertheless, recollection of the scene with friends are always lodged in the brain.

    Facebook name: Lim Chock Sing

    #AlvinologyLenovo and#ProjectRESGIcons

  66. Chui Ping Yan

    The dragon playground in Toa Payoh because I used to have so much fun after school there in the 80’s. Reminds me of great times with my family.

    FB name: Chui Ping Yan

  67. Lim Jin Xing

    I would choose food to be the Singapore Icon that I wish to rediscover. Food has been a important part of Singapore heritage and history. Food such as Mua Chee, Tu Tu, Rabbit Sweet, Kacang Puteh, Satay are slowly slipping away from our society as we move into air-conditioned food court or restaurants in shopping malls while such vintage food are still sold by the older generations in their humble hawker centre stall or mama shop that will slowly disappear as they get older in age and pass on without anyone taking over their trade. In the modern world, the structure of the food court in shopping malls appears very similar across different malls. Without fail, you will find the usual stall selling chicken rice, economic rice, vegetarian stall, Indonesia BBQ Chicken food, Bak Kut Teh & Pig Organ soup stall, Japanese stall, Korean stall etc until you can’t help but notice that it seems like a template of success for those management that runs these food courts eg Kopitiam, Food Junction etc. But have we ever wonder what happens to food that these management find it’s not popular or profitable, eg Mua Chee, Tu Tu, Rabbit Sweet, Kacang Puteh, Satay? And can you find such food in restaurants? Nope. They will slowly disappear from our sight until one day, our kids or the younger generation will no longer recognise these vintage food, that was once the mainstream food when we are younger or still kids. Food that belongs to the 80s, 90s will slowly disappear without anyone noticing and it will be such a pity if we let these food disappear just like that. Hence I would like to rediscover these food, and use the Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro’s 8MP rear camera, which boasts an f2.2 wide-aperture lens, advanced glare-reducing glass, and a BSI 2 sensor to capture these vintage food that are still sold in hawker centres around Singapore and use the apps available in Android store to create a video to capture and freeze the memories of these food at that moment of time. Then I will use the integrated projector and premium JBL® front-facing, large-chamber speakers with subwoofer, Wolfson® Master HiFi™ audio processing and Dolby® surround sound that are available in the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro to show these vintage food videos to my friends and to as much people as possible and also upload to youtube and my sgfoodunion instagram account so as to share these vintage food with my 2420 food fans who have contributed 7308 food photos using #sgfoodunion and encourage them to share it with their peers so as to to let people now and future remember these vintage 80s and 90s food and don’t let them disappear.

    The facebook name that I used to like the pages, like and share the post is Lim Jin Xing.

  68. Joe

    I wish to rediscover the old Satay Club. My parents used to bring me there when I was still a child and we had many fond memories there. FB name: Joe Fung

  69. Adelyn Khoo Wei Ting

    Hi Alvinology,

    Interesting post! I would like to rediscover the iconic Mustafa Centre. Every time I hear of my overseas friends talking about Singapore, they would never fail to mention late-night shopping at Mustafa Centre. But I don’t like to go there much due to the large crowds, so this is a good opportunity for me to rediscover the good points of Mustafa Centre. 🙂 Then, I can recommend more of my overseas friends to go there too! 🙂

    Liked and shared on Facebook (adelynkhoowt). #AlvinologyLenovo #ProjectRESGIcons


  70. Mike Wee

    i would like to rediscover Haw Par Villa as had growing up memories ( with my parents ) linked to it.

    FB Name = Mike Wee


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