4FINGERS: Winner Winner Meat-free Dinner?! - Alvinology

4FINGERS: Winner Winner Meat-free Dinner?!

4FINGERS is now serving up a delicious, lip-smacking meatless menu. Yup, you’ve read that right.

Anyway, before you decide to go down to the nearest 4FINGERS branch and tuck into its awesome meat-free spread, you have to know that 4FINGERS is partnering up with Quorn to bring you meatless meals that contain mycoprotein, a nutritious protein source that aids in muscle building and growth.

4FINGERS: Winner Winner Meat-free Dinner?! - Alvinology

Quorn Chickless Wings (a la carte: S$8.45 for six pieces, combo: S$10.95)

Quorn is a brand that dedicates itself to creating irresistibly tasty meals, they also believe in making food that’s better for both people and planet.

For the mouthwatering menu line-up, there are Quorn Chickless Wings and Quorn Chickless Nuggets. The combos come with a drink and fries. The Quorn Chickless Wings will be drizzled with 4FINGERS’ signature soy garlic or hot sauce, and the Quorn Chickless Nuggets has been blessed with two flavourful dips: Siracha and Plum. 

What if you’re craving the OG 4FINGERS’ signature hand-brushed crispy chicken? Yet, you really, really wanna try their meatless menu?

4FINGERS: Winner Winner Meat-free Dinner?! - Alvinology
Smackers (a la carte: S$8.45, combo: S$10.95)

Smackers is your answer. This yummy combination consists of Quorn Chickless Wings and 4FINGERS’ signature hand-brushed crispy chicken. If you’d love to have Quorn Chickless Nuggets together with your combo, simply top up an additional S$2 for two pieces.

4FINGERS: Winner Winner Meat-free Dinner?! - Alvinology
Quorn™ Chickless Nuggets (S$6.50 for four pieces, S$8.45 for nine pieces)

If you can’t get enough the new dips, do not hold yourself back from them. Why? Because it’s only S$1.

4FINGERS is upping its game with Quorn, and this marks the first time of a quick-service restaurant (QSR) and Quorn™ union in Singapore, increasing the number of sustainable protein options for various dining preferences.

4FINGERS also plans to disrupt the food and beverage space with more announcements soon, so watch out for more delicious offers!

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