Local activist Han Hui Hui has been invited to speak at the Human Rights Defenders World Summit this year in France.

On the event lineup found on their website, the Human Rights Defenders or HRD have featured Han as someone empowering Singaporeans.

According to their website, this summit is designed to convene marginalized groups all over the world and the defenders that make it their life’s work to defend these groups from systematic abuse.

Here is her Instagram post detailing what she is slated to discuss at the summit and asking her Instagram followers on what else she could discuss during her speaking event at the summit.

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Fellow Singaporeans, I’ve been invited to Paris (France) to speak at the Human Rights Defenders World Summit: https://hrdworldsummit.org/portfolio-item/han-hui/ I will be sharing about #Housing #Healthcare #Humanrights as well as my submission of Singapore's Universal Periodic Review (Mid-Term Report 2018) to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: http://huihui247.blogspot.com/2018/08/singapores-universal-periodic-review.html Please let me know what else should I share? Should I tell them about how Singapore’s incumbent manpower minister said Singaporeans don’t need much space to have sex? https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/ministers-rejoinder-to-no-flat-no-child-belief

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She also asked her followers, “Should I tell them about how Singapore’s incumbent manpower minister said Singaporeans don’t need much space to have sex?”

The summit is happening in France, for the last three days of October.

Who is Han Hui Hui?

This well-known Singaporean activist became popular when she called for the government to return the money deducted from Singaporeans’ salary and transferred to their CPF or Central Provident Funds. She is active on social media for calling for meetings and gatherings to discuss and rally about different political and social issues in Singapore.

According to her own website, she is 25 years old and has been required by the Singaporean government to removes some content from her videos and Facebook profile or face a hefty fine and eighteen years of jail time.

She also rain in the 2014 elections but was disqualified for the event she organized where she demanded the government return the CPF to Singaporean citizens.

Alvinology previously wrote about her in two separate articles and mentioned her on our Facebook profile using a meme.

The mention on the Facebook profile with with the following photo resulted in a Facebook ban for our Editor in Chief, Alvin Lim, and suspension of his account on the social media giant for 24 hours.

Facebook said that by posting the photo below, Alvinology violated its community standards, which was why Alvin’s profile got taken down. Do you think this violated Facebook community standards?

In another article, Alvinology featured a girl who looked very much like Han but going by the name of Hui Ying explain a social situation called AMDK in a short video.

Source: Youtube.


Some netizens said that the woman could be Han’s younger sister but this is mere speculation.

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