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Everything about the A&W Singapore opening date and location

So when and where are the A&W Singapore opening date and location?

Perhaps the biggest tragedy about this news is not that A&W Singapore isn’t up yet, but that everyone was told too early, and so our hearts are forever in anticipation.

But what’s the real deal on this A&W Singapore branch that’s said to go up at Jewel Changi this 2019?

According to a blog post by the Lady Iron Chef, the news broke that the restaurant would be up and running at Jewel Changi next year. This was reported in 2017, a full two years before the appointed schedule.

Before the A&W Singapore Jewel Changi branch opens up, here are the best places to get your root beer float and curly fries fix.

What else do we know about A&W Singapore?

According to other reports, the food chain had established offices in Singapore as early as 2016, and had begun hiring restaurant staff in May this year.

The statement of expanding back into Asia came from CEO Kevin Bazner. While the first reports indicated that the return would be happening this year, new updates resurfaced that the opening was pushed to a later date.

An interview with Yahoo Singapore showed that Kevin Bazner had gotten into talks to bring back the brand when Yum! Brands had taken up the chain in 2011. 2003 the time that the restaurant first shuttered its doors here, since there was a change in ownership.

He was asked why it had taken so long (15 years!) for the brand to get back to a country that’s always loved it. He said, “We have been discussing A&W Restaurants’ return to Singapore since 2011, when A&W Restaurants Inc took over ownership from Yum! Brands. Given the popularity of A&W Restaurants brand and its signature products, coupled with rising demand from local consumers, we knew we had to give the Singapore market another shot,” said Bazner, who went on to talk about how Singaporeans themselves had played a big part in the brand’s return.

Is A&W Singapore halal-certified?

According to an email sent to Yahoo Singapore, Brazner said that they newly-opened restaurant chain would be 100% halal-certified.

“Our beef patties will be 100% sourced from Australia. Our fresh chicken supply will predominantly be sourced in the region and prepared locally. Other ingredients, where possible, will be sourced locally.”

Why has the timeline of the launch changed?

What was initially a schedule for 2018 has not produced any results, and thus we are forced to wait longer for the A&W Jewel Changi branch. Brazner also addressed this concern with Yahoo.

He said, “this will largely depend on the suitability of store sites and resources.”

He continued to say that Singaporeans can definitely look forward to the usual fan favourites, such as fried chicken, burgers, Coney Dogs, waffle ice cream, curly fries, and “freshly-made” root beer served in frosty mugs.

 What were they hiring for in May?

Here are the four positions that they opened up in May, which are notably positions in actual restaurants and could be the first step towards establishing their ground teams:


Everything about the A&W Singapore opening date and location - Alvinology


Everything about the A&W Singapore opening date and location - Alvinology

Everything about the A&W Singapore opening date and location - Alvinology

As of publishing, these positions have been taken down from the job hiring website.

You can wait for further updates on the brand on their Facebook page.

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