In case you didn’t know who she is, Lerine Yeo or the owner of Facebook page and online store Miss Shopper Boutique and commonly known as S-Hook Jie just scored an entertainment contract deal with Mark Lee.

Thanks to her irrepressible charm, intense selling skills and entertaining content, you’ll soon see the enterprising former multimedia executive out and about in Singaporean entertainment.

Who is Lerine Yeo?

Lerine has had many aliases in the past, especially as she rose to fame during her online selling career at Miss Shopper Boutique. There, she would sell anything from clothes to household items. Some people can’t stand the thought of offering goods and services to others but for Lerine, it comes naturally–and is helped along by her marketing skills and incredible Hokkien and Singlish!

The 30-year-old’s videos of her selling boxer shorts were the first real indication that not only was she entertaining when selling male boxer shorts, she also had an incredible sales pitch with an honest, down-to-earth streak

In the boxer shorts video, she herself wore the male shorts but marketed it to guys, and even had useful commentary on when the buyer should and shouldn’t wear the item, as the loose fabric and lack of elastic made for quite an airy feel that let everything hang loose.

Take a look at the hilarious video here, edited by to take note of some of her important reminders for buyers, which she delivers with a straight face and complete factual manner, belying the fact that what she says can be both true and entertaining.

Isn’t Lerine Yeo selling you a pair of boxer shorts an exercise in truth and beauty?

The boxer shorts were just the beginning, now she’s selling S-hooks and a shirt–together

Who would have ever thought of putting a shirt and S-hooks together to create the most functional garment ever sold online? Only Lerine, of course.

In another live selling session, Lerine featured a special shirt that had holes with rivets in them, much like large curtains. The holes ran along the side of the shirt, and with a set of S-hooks, you could basically go about your errands hands-free!

The video shows her hooking umbrellas, bags, mobile phones, and a number of other items onto her body.

With places for the hooks along the sleeves, she even shows a very convenient way to use your EZ link card to pay for items. Or was that a dance move? Either way, we’re living for it!

What do netizens have to say?

Here are some of the best comments netizens have on Lerine and her super entertaining way to sell:

We completely agree with this comment.

This commenter had deep respect for Lerine and what she does. While we do find her quite entertaining, she is essentially making a living like the rest of us. We hope Lerine reads this comment.

This commenter liked her boxer short video best, and we think that’s our favourite too, especially since she marketed it in the most honest way possible, even telling certain people with specific physical attributes not to buy it as the product would not work for them.

Other people in sales admire her and learn from how she sells online. Maybe a mentorship program or class in the future?

And finally, even if you’re not buying the product, you’re definitely getting a great show.

What do you think of Lerine Yeo and her amazing sales skills and social media leverage? Let us know in the comments!