Capitol Singapore is well-known for its magnificent theatre, but now we put the spotlight on some of Capitol Piazza’s drool-worthy food places – the takeaway ones, at least.

As we approach the highly-raved Singapore F1 Grand Prix, or if you’re simply just shopping downtown with your pals, these choices would allow you to ‘dabao’ food whenever you get the munchies. Furthermore, Capitol Piazza is conveniently located near the event space of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

Let’s take a look at Capitol Piazza’s food offerings!

Fun Toast

Fun Toast is a hot spot for breakfast affairs, with a fresh twist on local breakfast. Originally known as “Kheng Nam Hong 琼南芳”, Fun Toast has been around since 1941. Fun Toast’s sets have won the hearts of its customers, especially the ‘Yuan Yang Soft Bun set’ and its ‘Kaya Butter toast set’. The ‘Honey Butter toast set’ is also a popular item on the menu.

All sets comprise your choice of bun or toast, two soft-boiled eggs, with tea or coffee. Look out for other customer favourites that include beef rendang, yam cakes and interesting beverages such as the red cane leaf drink and Gula Melaka tea.

Food Republic

Indulge and feast on the wide range of cuisine that Food Republic has. They include local, Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese and many more. A playground for your taste buds, savour Hong Kong roast meats with ‘You Men H.K Roast’ and the signature chicken rice set from ‘Ong Kee Chicken Rice’. If you are craving for more, there is always barbeque chicken from ‘Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings’ and your favourite bowl of fusion dry noodles from ‘Guan’s Mee Pok’!

If you are craving something else that is more nutritional and warm, Orchard Road Soup Guru also offers that option with its Blissful Blessings nourishing chicken drumstick soup or pork ribs soup.

Sweet Fish

Poké bowls are trending, and Sweet Fish is in. Sweet Fish offers bowls of rice or romaine lettuce topped off with sashimi at affordable rates compared to other poké bowl shops. Their ‘Hungry’ portions priced at $9 each, and the ‘Starving’ portions at $14. Some delicious poké bowl flavours from their menu include sweet yuzu cream and roasted sesame. They also have a spicy kimchi option. Yum!


No takeaway meal is complete without a delectable beverage. LiHo presents a plethora of teas, such as the ‘Classic Guan Yin Milk Tea’ and its ‘Classic Winter Melon Milk Tea’. Well known for its cheese teas, LiHo has several toppings available such as ai yu jelly, custard pudding, grass jelly and pearls, of course.

LiHo translates to “How are you?” in Hokkien, and its brand advocates for bonding between people despite differences in language, culture, beliefs and habits. What’s better than bonding with your friends over LiHo’s drinks?

Cane & Juice

Eating and drinking healthy has become increasingly important to most of us nowadays. Be sure to try out the ‘Avocado Coco’, or a refreshing cup of sugarcane juice for that welcoming respite from the heat. If you want a healthier beverage option, Cane & Juice is your answer.


There’s always room for dessert! Yolé is here to bless your taste buds with frozen yoghurt and fresh ice cream. This exciting dessert brand comes up with interesting flavours from time to time, and they have had some amazing flavours such as cookies and cream, peach, Thai pineapple and Madagascar vanilla. Yolé imports quality ingredients from Spain and Italy.

Furthermore, Yolé offers a never-ending list of toppings, fruits and sauces to choose from. Yolé’s frozen yoghurt is low in calorie and fat content, gluten-free, and is a natural source of calcium. This means that you get to feel less guilty about enjoying its yoghurt even with the toppings and sauces!