Ever wondered how the queen of cakes and confectionary delights, Lady M® New York, does it so well?

Lady M New York has kept our taste buds and senses captivated with its Signature paper-thin handmade mille crêpes. September is not an exception as the boutique introduces its seasonal cake. This heavenly confection carries the name Charcoal Mille Crêpes, along with a secret ingredient that is yet to be discovered.

As if this is not enough to keep your eyes fixed on Lady M New York this September, we’re giving you three more reasons why.

# 1 You’ll find more than just a cake on your plate

Our senses are designed for a purpose and this is the principle behind every piece of creation that comes out of Lady M New York’s kitchen. The Charcoal Mille crêpes was created to provide a heavenly treat that combines a person’s sense of taste, sight, and smell. The cake that you will see in the coming days will visually excite you with its bold aesthetic and will surprise you with its distinct scent and flavor. Needless to say, it is more than just a cake.

# 2 You get an experience with every bite

Charcoal Mille Crêpes. Image courtesy of Lady M® New York.


Your visit to Lady M New York boutiques this September is made more special by in-store activities that will allow you to smell the goodness of Charcoal Mille crêpes through a scenting diffuser, before it touches your taste buds.

Here, you will experience first-hand how your senses work harmoniously to give you a richer dining experience. Alongside with this, a one-hour sensorial workshop will be conducted on 22 September where one can discover how food and human senses intertwine.

Attendees who sign up for the workshop here will also be able to take home a crafted Eau de Parfum (8ml) bottle of their own unique fragrance.

# 3 You don’t want to be left behind

It’s more than intricate baking. Lady M New York takes pride in combining French pastry techniques with Japanese etiquette of precision. You can just imagine how every piece of crêpe is being designed and crafted ever since its first boutique opened in New York 15 years ago. No doubt Lady M New York has attracted many an A-list of followers worldwide like Martha Stewart, Supermodel Linda Evangelista, Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, and YOU – if you won’t let yourself get left behind.

Caramel Miroir, paired with a glass of Red Wine.


So mark your calendars and head over to Lady M New York boutiques this September to get the first taste of crêpe perfection. The boutique at South Beach Avenue is one where you can experience a refreshing ambience alongside Lady M New York’s cake creations.

Lady M South Beach Boutique located at #01-17, South Beach Avenue. 

Bonus treat: Snap and Win

Customers who purchase a slice of the Charcoal Mille Crepes between 1 September to 31 October 2018 are also encouraged to post their snaps on social media to stand a chance to win a limited-edition bottle of fragrance inspired by the cake itself. More details on their Instagram Page @ladymsg.