Makeup brand Marie Dalgar launching in Sephora Singapore on October 11

Marie Dalgar was founded in 2006 by Masa Cui, who began her legendary story from creating her iconic mascara. Coming from a non-cosmetic background, Masa’s dedication towards brand development, her unique vision and her passion for beauty made Marie Dalgar the No.1 makeup brand in China.  
In 2017, Marie Dalgar COLOR STUDIO launched in Sephora China, with plans to expand internationally. Since then, the brand has become quickly accepted and well known among youngsters for its edgy, innovative, and original personality. Check out some of the star products that will be launching, coming 11 October on and across Sephora Singapore stores islandwide!
Inspired from the latest trend, Marie Dalgar COLOR STUDIO presents the IT’S HOLO Collection with 360 degrees of holographic glow. 
By using lights and shadows, it boldly and dazzlingly highlights your beauty differently in every photo. You can simply click your phone at any time, in any lighting, and at any angle, because you are pretty all the time.
Marie Dalgar Color Studio IT’S HOLO Eyeshadow Palette
PRICE: SGD$58.00
Marie Dalgar Color Studio IT’S HOLO Highlighter
PRICE: SGD$49.00
The IT’S HOLO Eyeshadow Palette and IT’S HOLO Highlighter contain highly condensed and rich moisturising essence that feels silky and light in texture. 
The added microspheres fit even more perfectly on your face, letting your makeup last longer while giving you a natural glow.
Marie Dalgar Color Studio IT’S HOLO Lipstick Kit 
PRICE: SGD$49.00
The IT’S HOLO Lipstick Kit is a set of six lipsticks containing four holographic effect lipsticks and two natural glow lipsticks. 
The combination of 4+2 gives you the freedom to mix and match eye-catching colors on your lips and create all sorts of holographic inspirations on your lips.
You can buy all of Marie Dalgar’s products at Sephora SG.

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