This August, ION Art gallery presents two unique art exhibitions which depict human nature and the cycle of life through versatile painting styles in oil, acrylic and ink.

Human | Nature (1 – 12 August) features oil paintings from more than 15 renowned artists from Singapore and China. On display are works that date back as early as 1961. These works of nature and human beings represent the immense achievements of the artists, many of whom still continue to inspire the next generation of artists in and outside of the art academia. Their works represent the hallmark of sterling paintings – classical, timeless and unrestraint by physical boundaries.

I-Ching with Arts, Tan Khoon Yong’s Works Singapore 2018 (17– 26 August) features unique art pieces by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong as he articulates his life experiences through the strokes of his paint brush. His journey as an artist was shaped by his grandfather’s strict teachings at a young age, which honed his skills and creative expressions in perspective painting using ink and acrylic.

Combining his passions in both geomancy and art, his works are created using various techniques, such as ink splash, fingertip flicks and free-flowing paint. Each piece tells a different story, allowing viewers to gleam unique insights from various viewing angles. The theme for his fourth solo exhibition illustrates the cycle of life, from the birth of a newborn, to the celebration of overcoming trials and tribulations in life, as well as understanding the hollowness of material wealth.