There are Lamborghini lovers then there are Lamborghini lovers that need to be part of their love for their vehicles even when they’re not on their cars.

Thanks to Design Epicentrum, you can now own luxury sofas, desks, and other dream furniture that can help you really live that luxury car life even when you’re not on your car.

Take a look at the designs that they have available. You can also ask for custom designs.

Here are some designs for office reception desks. You can also modify them to be your own personal desk at home or in the office.

An additional option available for Customers is lighting. Each model of racing sofa can be equipped with realistic headlights. For extra charge we can install backlighting, as well as LED lighting under the sofa. Turned on headlights is a good way to present the piece of furniture.

An integral part of these racing sofas is front resembling sport cars – as well as comfortable leather seat. But the final appearance of furniture depends on the individual wish and Customer’s idea.

Exclusive furniture in sports car style is a unique with a very high collector’s value. Each next order on racing sofa reduces its number.

White and red racing sofas provide decoration of this unique private garage, in which collection of 50 luxury cars is exposed. Two-storey hangar is located in the Ontario, Canada. Furniture created by DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture creates a perfect atmosphere of this interior. Just take a look at photos of this place to literally hear whirr of engines and feel the power under hoods of collected here cars.

Optional to sofa or sofas you can order:

  • front lightings
  • other color of the leather upholstery than standard black
  • combining colored leathers, e.g. white with red, etc.
  • other color of wheel rims than black
  • LED lighting under the desk

To know more and/or reserve furniture, take a look at their website.