Some of you may have seen our earlier article on Ben & Jerry’s first ever Scoopitiam and are probably wondering whether it’s worth a trip down. Well, we think you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on getting unlimited (while stocks last) free scoops of ice cream (one level up from Free Cone Day!) as well as exclusive merchandise and photos ops while the pop up store is open.

Free Ice Cream Scoops

You will be able to get free scoops of Ben & Jerry’s 2 new flavours, Chocolate Shake It Truffles and Chillin’ the Roast Truffles! Keeping in line with idea of an “ice-cream kopitiam”, Ben & Jerry’s Scoopitiam serves traditional rainbow bread and wafers with their delicious scoops of ice cream.

Here’s a tip if you want to get a second helping or simply don’t want to be caught in the crowd: drop by the Scoopitiam outside of the office lunchtime period (12-2pm) and it will be refreshingly less packed!

Psst: look at all those pints of ice cream prepared to ensure that no one leaves empty handed!


There are Ben & Jerry’s merchandise being sold at the pop up store and these are all exclusive to this Scoopitiam only!

In my opinion, the prices are definitely reasonable as you can see that the merchandise is made of high quality materials.

Here’s what you can get:

Tote Bags for $8


Bandanas for $2, available in 2 colours


Cooler Bags for $8


Ceramic Mugs for $10


Wooden Flasks for $15

The designs on the merchandise are all minimalist and extremely beautiful!

Exclusive Deals

For those looking for a good deal, you can grab this chance to buy home pints of the new flavours if they are to your liking. With every purchase of 2 pints (at $24), you will get a free cooler bag worth $8! If you purchase them from Fairprice Online with the promo code (above in photo),you can also get $2 off your purchase.

For those working in the CBD who would like to enjoy 100 free scoops of ice cream delivered to your office doorstep, simply follow the instructions below and you (and your colleagues) may just be the lucky winner(s)!

All you have to do is post a photo on Instagram and attach a caption explaining why your office is deserving of free ice cream! Remember to hashtag your post with #FrozenKopiBreak and #BetterServedFrozen, tag your office location and ensure your account is public. That’s all – and all you have to do is then anticipate your giant prize!

Photo Ops

The Scoopitiam includes a giant photo wall which has the slogan “Better Served Frozen” as well as the depiction of a giant cup of coffee being poured. This keeps in line with Ben & Jerry’s idea of converting well loved beverages into ice cream form in their 2 new flavours.

The walls and floors are also decorated with aesthetic, retro looking tiles to give off the “kopitiam vibes”.

There are also several tables and chairs within the Scoopitiam for you to sit and enjoy the scoops of ice cream with friends and family.

So.. what are you waiting for?

Head on down to Ben & Jerry’s Scoopitiam at Lau Pa Sat, #79-87, from now till 29 July! The Scoopitiam is open from (Weekdays) 11am – 7pm, (Weekends) 11am – 5pm and admission is free!