Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore

Durian lovers everywhere know the importance of having only the best durians. Since durians come in a wide variety of types and kinds, it is essential that you go to the right durian seller who can provide you the best and freshest durians at affordable prices.

The search for an honest and affordable seller happens every durian season – one of the problems when it comes to buying durians in Singapore is that there are a lot of durian sellers everywhere. With this, it is not that difficult that local and tourists alike can get cheated on—paying too much without getting the quality of durian that they’re paying for.

As durian lovers ourselves, we understand your pains, which is why we have come up with the 7 top durian sellers who only carry the highest quality durians that will surely satisfy your craving each and every time.

Durian Delivery

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

Durian Delivery Singapore has become more and more popular among customers everywhere –especially those who want to have their durians delivered to them wherever they are in Singapore. Specializing in delivering durians, Durian Delivery Singapore is our favourite pick because of the unique service that they provide – who wouldn’t want to have durians in the comfort of their own home?

Carrying a the wide array of durian varieties like XO D24, D1 Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang, Royal MSW, and D101, this online durian seller never fails to keep up to their promise of only providing the highest quality durians delivered right at your doorstep. Durian Delivery makes it less of a hassle for durian lovers to have their preferred kind of durian whenever they want since they will deliver it to you on the same day! They have multiple delivery options, with an express 2 Hour Delivery option for those looking to get your durians delivered to you immediately.

According to multiple online reviews, their durians are great and this is a seller who has a lot of integrity in the quality of durians they provide.


Leong Tee Durian

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

Famous among locals for being an honest durian seller, Leong Tee Durian is owned and managed by the kind and friendly Leong Tee himself. For customers who visit his stalls, he personally assists them in picking the right durians that will suit their tastes and even promises to open up a new one if the one he picked for you is not satisfactory.

Location: 264 Tanjong Katong Road

 Ah Seng Durian

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

Well-known in the western part of Singapore, Ah Seng Durian is also owned by the good-natured Ah Seng who makes it a point to be always honest with his customers. The owner frequently visits their plantations to make sure that what they are selling at their stores are only the bests and highest quality durians.

Location: Block 20 Gim Moh Market

717 Trading

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

717 Trading is a humble roadside stall that lets their customers eat the durians they picked right there and then. With tables and chairs outside the stall, customers can go ahead and dig into the durian that they picked and even take one for the road. They also have an extension shop called “Durian Empire” that sells durian pastries near their stall location.

Location: Yio Chu Kang

Combat Durian

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

Being around for more than 5 decades, Combat Durian is owned and managed by Mr. Ang who coined the term “Sultan Durian” for one type of D24 durian that he sells. Combat Durian specializes in selling Mao Shan Wang durians that are picked fresh from their plantations in Malaysia. Mr. Ang is a kind old man who personally assists his customers in picking durians that will suit their tastes every single time.

Location: 261 Balestier Road

Fruits Top 1 Department Store

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

Getting their fruits delivered to their stalls twice a day, this fruit store promises to serve only the freshest durians to their customers that are freshly picked. They sell top grade durians like the D24, D13m and Mao Shan Wang which customers can take home or enjoy on the spot at the tables provided.

Location: 608 Geylang Road

The Durian Story

Meet the Top 7 Durian Sellers in Singapore - Alvinology

For first-time durian buyers, visiting The Durian Story will surely let you learn a lot more about the types of varieties of durians there are. The owner of this stall is always available to share knowledge about durians while handy charts on their tables give you a brief summary of what to expect from each type of durian they are selling. When you visit this stall, you will surely know more about which type of durian will suit your tastes.

Location: Prestige Point, 398 Upper Paya Lebar Road

When is the durian season?

Long-time durian fans would be very familiar with the comings and goings of the durian season. There is typically 1 main season from July to September and maybe October if the season is prolonged. In November and December, another smaller season would come up. This is a general guideline though and the season could change from year to year depending on weather conditions. For more detailed info on the durian season, you can refer to durian season timings.


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