Some of you may have seen our recent article on Tsui Wah’s opening in Singapore. Well, I had the exclusive opportunity to sample some of their signature dishes and hot favourites a day before the official opening on 15 June at 1pm. Read on to find out more about what Tsui Wah has to offer!

Borscht with Thick Toast: $5.50++

The Borscht with Thick Toast is an extremely affordable meal for its price! What’s more, the soup is creamy and thick with little beef chunks and includes plenty of vegetables (cabbage, carrot, onions). The toast is also fragrant and a good side to the Borscht. This could well be a full meal on its own!

The dish is prepared daily with the original Tsui Wah recipe of more than 30 years and it is stewed for about 3 hours to ensure that it is flavourful and hearty.

Braised Abalone Rice with Diced Chicken and Kale: $14.00++

This is the dish that I enjoyed the most! It is savoury with a hint of sweetness and the abalone sauce matches the rice and side ingredients beautifully. One can expect an amazing mix of kale, diced chicken as well as fresh abalone mushroom. This dish is suitable for those who enjoy eating rice with gravy, and is extremely flavourful as well.

The Braised Abalone Rice is an original recipe from Tsui Wah and is uncommon in Singapore, so why not give it a try?

King Prawns in XO Sauce with Tossed noodles: $11.00++

If you are wondering what’s so special about this dish – it’s the prawns! The juicy and fresh King Prawns are meticulously sourced to ensure high quality and for the price, the given amount of prawns is extremely generous! The prawns are also topped with prawn roe for added flavour. For those of you adventurous foodies, you can either add the given XO sauce or chilli oil to the noodles.

The XO sauce provided is from a localized recipe and should suit Singaporeans’ palettes quite well!

Lamb Chop Curry with Steamed Rice: $29.00+

Although a bit on the pricey side, those of you who enjoy lamb or curry should try this dish!

The lamb is quite gamey and will be a treat for those who love lamb. On the other hand, the curry’s taste is extremely unique as it is unlike traditional Chinese curry and leans more towards the likes of Indian curry as more than 30 spices are utilised in the making of the dish. Nevertheless, the curry is considerably mild and this ensures that children can enjoy the dish too!

If you think that having a full scoop of rice with the lamb chop curry is too much, you can choose to swop the rice with other alternatives such as a bun.

The Tsui Wah curry recipe dates back to the 1960s and is stewed for over 6 hours to ensure its fragrance. You can be sure that you are consuming authentic Hong Kong fare as the curry paste is imported from Hong Kong!

Kagoshima-style Pork Cartilage in Fish Soup with Mixian: $8.50++

This dish is extremely wallet friendly and what I love most about it is the tender and springy pork cartillage! It is no wonder that it tastes both sumptuous and juicy as the cartilage is stewed for many hours to achieve the melt-in-your-mouth effect. The noodles are also chewy and match well with the broth.

Fun fact: the recipe was shared by a Japanese chef to Tsui Wah!

Tsui Wah Signature Pork Chop Bun: $7.50++

This signature dish follows Tsui Wah’s original recipe and will delight all pork lovers! The pork chop is extremely tender and juicy and leaves you wanting more! The bun includes lettuce, pickles and tomato slices to create an amazing combination.

Iced/Hot Milk Tea: $4.50++ and $3.50++ respectively

Of course, no Hong Kong cuisine meal is complete without a cup of Hong Kong Milk Tea!

The milk tea is perfectly matched with Tsui Wah’s Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk ($4.00++) as the sweetness of the bun perfectly contrasts the slight bitterness of the milk tea. This combination also means that you do not have to add any more sugar to the milk tea! The milk tea is brewed daily and kept only for a maximum of 30 minutes to ensure freshness while the buns are freshly toasted and feature a crispy golden-brown crust with sweet condensed milk and butter – the perfect way to end off a delicious meal or as a teatime snack!

Another dessert option to match the milk tea would be the Savoury French Toast Bites Served with Vanilla Ice Cream! The french toast is crunchy and delightful when paired with the creamy vanilla ice cream. What’s more, the toast is freshly cut upon ordering and prepared daily.


The dishes here are all authentic and delicious and most importantly, extremely wallet-friendly! If you are craving some Hong Kong food, why not make your way down to Clarke Quay for a hearty meal that will leave you wanting more?

About Tsui Wah

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay is Tsui Wah’s first in Southeast Asia and features over 140 alfresco and indoor dining seats. Tsui Wah Singapore is a franchise of one of Hong Kong’s most successful Cha Chaan Teng chains.

To cater to local demands, Tsui Wah Singapore will be introducing set menus for lunch, tea and dinner. A small selection of alcoholic beverages will also be available.


3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-03, Singapore 179020

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm

For the first opening day on 15 June, Tsui Wah will only be open at 1pm.

For more updates, visit Tsui Wah’s Facebook page.