Just over one month after the launch of the new Kawaii Kabuki play, visitor numbers and much positive feedback confirm that the new performance has become one of the highlights of any visit to Hello Kitty Land Tokyo. Visitors to the theme park are pouring into the Märchen theatre which had a full house in every performance with people standing even in the aisles.

Hello Kitty fans have been leaving raving reviews of the new show on social media sites.
The high quality performance and interpretation of the popular Japanese folktale has quickly found its way to the hearts of both long-term Hello Kitty fans and curious first-time visitors. Comments described the theatre as “spectacular”, “amazing” and “heartwarming”.

Also the beautiful costumes, which perfectly combine traditional kabuki dresses with cute Hello Kitty motifs, have received much praise.

Ms. Aya Komaki, Director of Sanrio Entertainment Co. Ltd., the Puroland operator mentioned that Sanrio is delighted with the positive response and feels that the new Kawaii Kabuki is helping to spread the spirit of warmth and kindness embodied in Puroland characters.

Located in the outer districts of Tokyo, Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park, visitors can enjoy regardless of the weather. Sanrio Puroland also runs an outdoor theme park, Harmonyland, located in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu.
More information about Sanrio Puroland is available here.