Born in Singapore in 1932, Tiger Beer has gone on to win the world over and is today available in more than 75 countries across the globe. From today, the brand adds Japan to the list of cities, following the official launch of Tiger Beer in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.

Launch of Tiger Beer in Japan

For the launch of Tiger Beer in Japan, the brand created Tiger Yüki, a pop-up bar unlike any other; designed to empower artists, musicians and chefs to uncage their courage and collaborate on creative partnerships that showcase the best of their craft.

Intended to break boundaries, to push limits, to redefine experiences, and to be the perfect meeting point for when cultures come together, Tiger Yüki features creative initiatives in the fields of art, music, and food, creative areas from both Singapore and Japan.

Samson Wong, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore mentioned that Tiger Beer and our Singaporean street food go hand in hand. The company saw this as the perfect opportunity to introduce one of our very own local street food heroes, who will be sharing a flavour of Singapore with our Japanese friends.

Har Cheong Gai Uncaged in Japan

As part of the celebrations, Tiger Beer invited Tan Wee Yang, owner of the wildly-popular Ah Tan Wings, to represent one of the best flavours of Singaporean street food. Tan was a recipient of the inaugural Tiger Street Food Support Fund, a grant disbursed by Tiger Beer to new and aspiring hawkers to assist them in finding a footing in the challenging food industry in Singapore. 

To celebrate Tiger Beer’s entry into Japan, the affable 26-year old was asked to prepare his signature har cheong gai, for Japanese audiences at the launch; an opportunity to showcase his secret recipe, honed over years of research and experimentation.

For the event, the perfectionist street food vendor will be working with Japanese chef Shoichi Ueda to create har cheong gai rice burgers, the first of its kind. The dish takes one of Japan’s most unique fast food items and adds a Singaporean twist in the form of a prawn paste chicken cutlet wedged between rice cakes.

Tan had imported the shrimp paste and chilli from Singapore, to ensure that consumers are treated to the most authentic Singaporean flavours possible.

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