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Home Brand Doesn’t Always Win, It’s Been A Year

You might have heard a lot about the national carrier offering new flights on their new fleet of Airbus 350, but did you know that Qatar Airways has already been flying the A350 for a year now?

Home brand doesn’t always win on home ground. This doesn’t just apply to football teams. Speaking of which all football fans will know that they are the largest sponsor for Barcelona, with the airline’s logo emblazoned over Lionel Messi’s chest on his jersey.

In fact, it’s the first airline in the world to fly the A350, and the only airline which offers triple daily flights on this Airbus to and from Singapore the past 365 days.

The inaugural A350 XWB (XWB stands for “extra wide body”) service arrived in Singapore at 3.07pm on May 11, 2015, the first plane in a part of a growing fleet of A350s. Previous fleets in Singapore include the Boeing 777 till 2013, and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner until 10 May 2014.

Boasting wider cabin space, higher ceilings and larger windows, the A350 is designed to minimise jet lag for the best possible passenger experience. Passengers can luxuriate in the A350’s roomy seats, state-of-the-art entertainment system, LED mood lighting and Wi-Fi connectivity for the 7.5h journey to Doha, where the airline is based.

The Qatar Airways A350 XWB getting ready for take-off. (Credit: Qatar Airways)
The Qatar Airways A350 XWB getting ready for take-off. (Credit: Qatar Airways)

But it’s not just the aircraft which define Qatar Airways as the world’s best. A multiple winner of the Skytrax Airline of the Year award, it is an accolade which bears testament to the commitment and dedication to service excellence and high-quality travel experience for all passengers who fly with Qatar Airways.

It’s hard to believe that this 19-year-old airline (relatively young; Singapore’s national carrier is 45) is fast establishing its reputation as a true world-class carrier, moving ahead of others in being the most modern and the first in many ways to enhance customer experience.

Much parallels can be drawn between the state of Qatar and Singapore. Both are small in population size with just 2.1 million in Qatar and 5.8 million in Singapore. Both have very high GDPs and are highly reliant on foreign labours.

In fact, I find Qatar to be like Singapore on steroid as the country is blessed with oil and natural gas, compared to Singapore which has nothing. The same can be said of the respective national carrier, with Qatar Airways being turbo-boosted for rapid growth to compete in the same league as other more seasoned players in the aviation industry.

The airline is pretty generous in giving back to their customers too.

In celebration of Qatar Airways’ first anniversary of flying the A350, they are giving away a pair of Business class and Economy class tickets each to two lucky Kiss 92 fans to ANY Qatar Airways Destination in the world!

For your chance to win a pair of Economy Class tickets, SMS* entries to 9717 0920 by tomorrow, May 12, 2016, midnight in the following format:

Qatar<space>Your Name<space>NRIC (last 4 digits & alphabet only)

For example: Qatar Diana Lim SXXX4567Z

 If you’ve flown with Qatar’s A350 in the past year, include your booking reference number and stand to win a pair of Business Class tickets!

For example: Qatar Diana Lim SXXX4567Z <space> 5WYEOQ

 Visit http://kiss92.sg/win/1898-giveaway-qatar-flight-tickets.html for more information.

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