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Jetstar’s newest safety video series stars the most adorable preschoolers

In a world full of distractions and smartphones, it can be easy to miss the important safety demonstration at the start of each flight.

In a first for Asia, children aged 4 to 6 will be taking on the huge responsibility of getting customers to pay attention to the safety briefing. And as expected, they exceeded our expectations in delivering meaningful but entertaining instructions.

Watch the video teaser below:

Jetstar is today launching a series of videos on in-fight safety, featuring children from Skool4Kidz Preschool highlighting the steps of a typical demonstration on a Jetstar flight.

In the first video, kids play the roles of pilot, cabin crew and passengers to run through key in-flight safety steps such as the fastening of the seatbelt, the usage of an oxygen mask and the identifying of the emergency exits on a Jetstar A320 aircraft.

Other episodes of this entertaining and adorable series will see kids give their take on familiar safety diagrams found on the in-flight safety card.

Viewers will be treated to a series of candid responses and childlike imagination that inject life and provide a fresh perspective on seemingly uninteresting safety diagrams which grownups frequently glaze over.

Children sometimes say the darndest things, but with this series of in-flight safety videos, Jetstar aims to inspire customers to look up at the start of each flight, and give the cabin crew just five minutes of their time for the ever-important safety demonstration.

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