The OSIM Sundown Marathon is into its 11th edition this year and I participated in the event for the first time in my life, entering myself for the half-marathon. This came back-to-back after I completed by first half-marathon at the NTUC Eco Run two weeks earlier and the 10km Star Wars Run a week earlier.

My knees were a little wonky still and hence my goal was really just to complete the full 21.1km without walking. The flag-off for the half-marathon runners was from 11.45pm till midnight in batches. I started just past midnight and completed the run at close to 3am. The weather was humid and stuffy that night and it was not too comfortable for a night run. However, the spirit of all the runners were high and the event was generally well organised.

Over 25,500 runners proved that Sleep Can indeed Wait, keeping the momentum going from start till end. I took part in the run to experience if there’s any difference between running a half-marathon in the day and at night. Although I am very much a night owl, my conclusion is that running is still a better experience at the early break of dawn – the air is better and there’s something magically about watching the sun rises as you run. It also leaves you energised for the rest of the day.

After the run, I cycled home on an ofo bike as there were no more public transport available. Still wide awake after I got home, fresh from the run and a shower, I plonked myself into the OSIM uLove massage chair for some pampering while watching a few episodes of Netflix original series. I only went to bed at around 5am and slept till noon.

The organisers provided a variety of entertainment options at the F1 Pit Building for those who choose to stay on and linger through the night. There was an open-air cinema, OSIM massage room, pop-up bars, among many other fun stuff.

All in all, it was a fun and different experience from the many day or even evening runs I have participated in in Singapore. I will definitely do it again next year – maybe attempt the full marathon to catch the break of dawn at the end of my run!


As expected, the Africans dominated the Individual Male Races with Kenyans, John Muriuri Mburu 27, winning the Full Marathon at 2:29:07; Lel Kipchirchir 24, the Half Marathon at 1:10:24 and Godfrey Ngetich 36, the 10KM race at 36:04 respectively. However, it was Singapore’s women who were rising to the challenge with podium finishes, even twice emerging victorious.

Winner of the 10KM Individual Women’s Category, Phoebe Kee 18, said, “The race pushed my limits today. The route was not as flat as I thought it would be but was still a good route with sufficient water stations and race marshals. The race was really well organised too! No getting stuck at bottlenecks, or being merged with other runners.”

Hu Xiu Ying, winner of the Women’s Full Marathon said, “It was really special to run in the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018. I struggled and overcame some difficulty but tried my best to enjoy it! Last year I placed second so I was determined to place first this year.”

Singapore’s Kelly Ho was placed 3rd in the Women’s Half Marathon.

OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018 Full Official Results List

Men’s Full Marathon (42.195KM) Results

1 John Muiruri, Mburu 2:29:07.1
2 Rotich, Willy Kipkemoi 2:29:42.0
3 Mugi, Muthokai John 2:36:30.1
4 Lamchannak, Ahmad 2:59:41.7
5 Qu, Jinchao 3:03:26.6

Women’s Full Marathon (42.195KM) Results

1 Hu, Xiu Ying 3:35:50.9
2 Yan, Li 3:38:39.0
3 Nakajima, Asuka 3:40:13.1
4 Tan, Sharon 3:44:37.4
5 Siew, Yvonne 3:46:20.8

Men’s Half Marathon (21.1KM) Results

1 Lel, Kipchirchir 1:10:24.6
2 Ngetich, Miller Kipruto 1:14:23.0
3 Gurung, Nimesh 1:14:27.1

Women’s Half Marathon (21.1KM) Results

1 Jepkosgei, Naum 1:28:18.1
2 Cameron, Jenna 1:37:50.8
3 Ho, Kelly 1:45:33.5

10KM Challenge – Team of 4 (Mixed-Gender Category) Results

1 Shufflers X1 39:15:00
Sugaya, Rie (F)
Callon, Mark (M)
Connolly, Creighton (M)
Suda, Yuta (M)

2 Team AGT / Trackstar 3 41:37:00
Nicole, Low Sui Xuan (F)
Fan Jing Yu, Benjamin (M)
Wei Quan, Ng (M)
Yeong Ern David, Lee (M)

3 Kakithon 42:31:00
Ong Ee Ling (F)
Chan, Yien Wei (M)
Wong, Chin Chin (M)
Ong, Wei Xiang

10KM Challenge – Team of 4 (Men’s Category) Results

1 Trackstar 1 38:38:00
Fan Jing Yu, Benjamin
Harish Ragupathy, Karthic
Iskandar, Mohamed
Wong, Melvin

2 Shufflers M1 40:09:00
Cuzzucoli, Valentin
Herr, Stefan
Matsumoto, Noboru
Watkins, Dominic

3 Shufflers M2 42:14:00
Allender, Daniel
Besnaud, Jerome
Datta, Tirthankar
Leow, Daniel

10KM Challenge – Team of 4 (Women’s Category) Results

1 Shufflers W1 43:19:00
Arcella, Concetta
McParlin, Zoe
Small, Bronwyn
Tang, Vivian

2 PhysioRunners 47:13:00
Huang, Jenny
Lim, Emily
Mok, Ying Rong
Nic Amhlaoibh, Maire

3 Team AGT/Trackstar 2 47:25:00
Rui Min Romaine, Soh
Ying Zhuang Vanessa, Lee
Zhilei, Chen
Shah Feroz

10KM Challenge – Individual (Men’s Category) Results

1 Ngetich, Godfrey Kiprotich 36:04:00
2 Quek, Benjamin 38:18.5
3 Lee, Leroi 41:19:00

10KM Challenge – Individual (Women’s Category) Results

1 Kee, Phoebe 42:55:00
2 Tang, Lucy 48:27:00
3 Jolynn, Ng 49:59:00