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ChangiWiFi Launches in 13 New Countries

Ask any millennial, and they will tell you that the staying connected abroad in unfamiliar terrains is no longer a want but an essential. With connectivity, it will enhance the whole travel experience.

The good news: You can now stay connected with ChangiWiFi overseas portable router in a total of 60 countries (from $5 a day). The 13 new additions include the ever-popular New Zealand and exotic holiday destinations like Mexico, Egypt, Brazil, India and more!

ChangiWiFi reservations can be made online at this website, and be conveniently collected on the day of departure at Changi Recommends counters. Our counters operate 24 hours daily across all four terminals at Singapore Changi Airport. One of the best value for money in the market, ChangiWiFi rental starts from $5 a day with no hidden charges and includes first day fee waiver for all.

ChangiWiFi Overseas Routers

ChangiWiFi is a rental service that allows travellers to connect safely and securely to Internet anywhere, anytime with a portable, battery-powered router. ChangiWiFi routers allow a maximum of six devices to be connected simultaneously and has approximately six to eight hours of battery life depending on usage.

Starting from $5 a day with rental charges waived off for the first day of collection (departure), ChangiWiFi currently provides unlimited data usage* to 60 countries including most of Asia and Europe, Australia and the USA through multiple or single destination rental plans.

With no hidden fees or GST, travellers are only required to make payment upon returning their rented routers at any Changi Recommends counter.

To ensure travellers remain connected throughout their trip with their ChangiWiFi routers, Changi Recommends offers 24 hours customer care through phone (+65 6701 1185) and Whatsapp (+65 9134 1516) for general queries.

Take a look at their rates and all the countries they cover here.

Other information

  • Online reservation should be made at least 1 week ahead of departure date.
  • Walk-in and last-minute reservations are on first come first serve basis, subjected to availability.
  • During peak travel season, it is recommended to make an online reservation in advance.

You can see how long the device lasts and other specifications you need here.

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