Although there are a lot of fun video games out there nowadays and the graphics are out of this world, you have to admit that nothing beats playing games that remind you of your childhood. I’ve come to find that nostalgia really amplifies the feeling of happiness that I get while playing a game and helps me destress more.

If you miss the video games of your childhood, here are five video gaming apps that are sure to make you nostalgic. The best part? They’re all free of charge (though some may eventually require some in-app purchases).

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run. Image Provided by Shutterstock.

Fans of Nintendo’s Super Mario games will love that this mobile app – the first in the Mario series that was released on non-Nintendo consoles. Super Mario Run has four main game modes, so you can switch things up as you please and never get sick of playing.

The Sims Mobile

The Sims 4. Image Provided by Shutterstock.

Were you addicted to creating your own characters and building your own life in The Sims when you were younger? The Sims Mobile gives you the ability to do that again, but without eating up as much time as its PC counterpart did back in the day. This makes it the perfect gaming app to fit into your current adult life.


Pac Man. Image Provided by Shutterstock.

Were you more of an arcade gamer? The 8-bit retro classic game PAC-MAN is also available as a gaming app now, so you can munch your way through dots, ghosts, and fruits from the comfort of your mobile phone.

My Tamagotchi Forever

Tamagotchi. Image Provided by Shutterstock.

Remember the days when you lugged around a little toy egg on a keychain and nurtured it and cared for it like it was a child? You can do the same from your mobile phone now. The best part is that the graphics of the Tamagotchi chicks in the app still look exactly like the Tamagotchi chicks looked in our toy eggs of old – just in colour.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart. Image Provided by Shutterstock.

It’s impossible for you not to have played Mario Kart when you were younger. You probably still remember your favourite character, your favourite course, and your favourite ‘weapon’. Now, you can play this classic game on your mobile phone and reminisce about better days.

What was your favourite video game growing up?