19th May was an exciting day at Downtown East as Jackie Chan attended GoGreen’s flagship shop’s launch!

Coming  on  board  Downtown  East  as  part  of  its  exciting  programming  is  Gogreen,  the  exclusive  distributor  for  electric  and  non-electric  personal  mobility  devices  (PMD) from  Segway  and  Yvolution.

Guests  now  have  the  option  of  another  choice  activity  to  spend  quality  time  with  family  and  friends  here  at  Downtown  East.

The launch also included the World’s  First  Segway  vending  machine where  a  Segway  product  can  be  dispensed  instantly,  offering  ultimate  convenience  to  guests  to  explore  the  surroundings.

The Launch (featuring Jackie Chan!)

Guests, media and members of the public gathered around GoGreen’s store to catch a glimpse of Jackie Chan! He was welcomed by a lion dance troupe and joined VIP guests for the ribbon cutting ceremony and official launch of the store.

As part of the launch event, Jackie Chan also made the first purchase of a Segway PMD from the vending machine!

Later on, Jackie Chan also did a tour of the shop and was introduced by GoGreen staff to the various devices available for sale, for both adults and children. He ended off this short tour by signing some of the shop’s PMDs on display.

Prior to the launch, media guests were also offered the opportunity to try out some of the PMD devices and GoGreen staff were on hand to offer tutorials on the devices.

When enquired, the staff informed me on some key specifications of the PMDs including the speed limit of the devices (18km/h) and the usage of the phone application which can control one’s PMD. Some features include parental control on speed limits when children are using the device and direction control with the application. Guests who rent these PMDs for leisure will also be offered a tutorial prior to utilizing them as well.

Services for the Public

These PMDs are available for rental for families and friends to explore the nature parks and tropical attractions around Downtown East, some of which include:

  • Pasir Ris Beach: this sandy beach  is  one  of  the  largest  parks in  Singapore.  It’s  quiet  surroundings makes  it  perfect  for  an  overnight  camp  or  just  watching  the  sun  set
  • Mangrove forest: with a Mangrove  Boardwalk,  visitors  can  peek  into  the  natural  habitat  of  mudskippers,  crabs,  herons  and  even  monitor  lizards
  • Lookout Tower: this three-storey-tall bird  watching  Lookout  Tower  offers  a  breathtaking  view  of the  mangrove  swamp  and  surrounding  park.  Keep  your  eyes  peeled  for  the  grey  herons  in  the  canopy
  • Maze garden: have a game  of  hide-and-seek  in  the  sea  of  hedges.  This  stop  will  certainly  be  an  activity  that  the  whole  family  can  have  fun  at

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