Good Health starts in the Gut with DUOLAC Probiotics! - Alvinology

Good Health starts in the Gut with DUOLAC Probiotics!

Did you know that 60-80% of your immune system is located in the gut? Indeed, many Singaporeans are unaware of the fact that a healthy gut is key to having a healthy body!

You may then ask; how do we maintain a healthy gut? Well, we present to you DUOLAC probiotics – a supplement with worldwide patented dual coating technology which helps to maintain a balanced intestinal microflora for a healthy gut.

What are probiotics? They are actually beneficial live bacteria that support and help to balance the natural bacteria ecosystem in the body. Probiotics play an important role of keeping the digestive system in check and ensuring a healthy immune system.

You can be sure of the quality of DUOLAC supplements as it is the number one selling probiotics brand in South Korea and Singapore, and the number two in the home of probiotics, Denmark. Another supplement brand to note is Bio X4.

DUOLAC probiotics are created with dual coating technology which was developed by the company to survive the acidic digestive environment and to ensure the delivery of good gut bacteria to where it is needed.

DUOLAC Care is formulated with 6 kinds of natural and well documented strains, 5 billion lactic acid bacteria and vitamin C. The product is also lactose and gluten free.

Good Health starts in the Gut with DUOLAC Probiotics! - Alvinology

Introduction to DUOLAC by Belinda Lee and Bibi Chia

I had the privilege of attending An Evening with Belinda and Bibi on 19 April where DUOLAC probiotics were introduced and discussed. Belinda Lee, local celebrity and spokesperson of DUOLAC as well as Bibi Chia, celebrity dietician from Raffles Hospital, graced the event and led a casual Q&A session on the product.

Belinda stressed on the importance of DUOLAC products in her life, stating that she was honoured to endorse a product that she had always been a fan of. While juggling her hectic social schedule, she mentioned that the probiotics were an essential part of her diet every day. Furthermore, she quipped that even after her contract with DUOLAC was over, she would continue to consume (and purchase) DUOLAC probiotics as they are a staple in her life. She attributed improvements to her health and skin to the product.

Bibi also added on to the positive comments Belinda had about DUOLAC and explained the importance of probiotics. She mentioned that she would recommend DUOLAC products to her clients who approached her over a range of issues from diet food plans to weight loss.

You can view snippets of the evening on our Instagram album post.

Good Health starts in the Gut with DUOLAC Probiotics! - Alvinology

Purchase DUOLAC Probiotics today!

DUOLAC can be found at Watsons, Guardian, Unity and all major pharmacies.

It comes in 2 forms, DUOLAC Care (60 capsules) and DUOLAC Travel Sleeve (6 chewable tablets). DUOLAC Care primarily maintains balanced intestinal microflora while DUOLAC Travel contains Prolac-T and 5 different probiotics to help manage one’s digestive problems while travelling. DUOLAC Travel is also encased in a sleeve, making it convenient and easy to bring out in the day.

DUOLAC CARE is now on 50% sale at Watsons, Guardian and Unity until May (both online and in stores).

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