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10 Ways To Earn Extra Income For That Dream Holiday

“Money not enough lah! How to go for holiday?” Yes it’s true, money is NEVER enough no high a salary you may already be getting. Or maybe you really just earning enough to pay off and support the kind of life you desire. Ideal and reality usually do not match, and you get tired from the everyday work, frustrated because you aren’t rewarding yourself enough.

If you are looking for ways to earn or get some extra cash for that dream holiday or an upgrade in the next shiny new gadget, here are 10 things to explore.

1. Participate in Surveys/ Focus Groups

Survey and research companies are always on the lookout for suitable candidates to partake in surveys and focus groups. Each session may take an hour to three and pays $50 to $200. Pretty decent and can be done during lunch breaks or some conducts the sessions in the evenings too.

2. Take part in contests

There are plenty of contest online everyday! Though most contests do not giveaway cash, but if the products won is of good value, you can sell them off if you win. I know there are “full-time” contest participants that will prowl the net for all and any kind of contest to take part. Those who run contests before, you’ll know what I mean. But this is one of those no risk low success rate kind of way to earn some extra income. But no harm trying if you’re a contest junkie!

3. Take up freelance jobs

If you can write well, design, style for shoot, look after kids, plan parties or events etc, there are many opportunities for you. Try searching sites like http://www.freelancezone.com.sg, http://www.freeboh.com and http://www.stroff.com.

4. Start a Facebook Group

If you have an interest in certain sports, brand, activities or say meeting people with similar interests, one way to earn money is by starting a community group. Build up the group and network of members, engage them with things you find interesting, share lobangs and get to know the people in the group. When the group is active and big enough, you can bring in brands or businesses to bring benefits/ events for the group. And charge a token fee for that!

5. Sell

With peer-to-peer selling apps popping up and the ease of selling on Facebook or Instagram, you can sell almost anything. Things you no longer want in the house, sell random things you buy from your recent trip oversea or even if it’s just dust bags! If you are using it, there’ll be someone else who’ll be looking for it too.

6. Start a niche site (many if you have the time)

Niche content sites with good SEO content can potentially be a good source of income for those who love to write. Look for topics that are rare or one that not many people are creating content for. You’ll be able to own these keywords and clicks fairly easily. Once the site is filled with content, sign up with banner ad networks, affiliate marketing sites or sell your own ebook or digital goods.

7. Give tuition or conduct workshops

For those who have the passion to teach, but don’t want to do it full time can try take up tuition assignments in the evenings and weekends. Or if teaching kids isn’t your kind of thing, try conduct training or workshops for adults.

8. Sell your time

Got time to spare, sell it! Become a bee with Honestbee, sell your time to run errands for others with LabourMe (http://labormeapp.com/). No commitment and do anytime when you can.

9. Take photos of pets, people, things

If you are into photography or videos, put up your best work online and share it with friends. Offer to shoot your friends for free to build up your portfolio if you don’t already have one. Or run a contest to giveaway free shoots to drive some publicity too.

10. Contribute to sites

If starting a site from scratch sounds too scary and too much work for you, offer to contribute to established sites like Alvinology or Asia361. If you are good enough, there may be opportunities for you to work on paid projects or maybe even get to go for holidays for free!

Hope this list is helpful! Share if you have more money making ideas in comments below.

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